Is Ghosn Guilty?

Ghosn looks like a minority report arrest. Incarceration for pre-crime.  Solitary confinement for a theft at best imagined. Preparing an illicit retirement package never submitted, or yet to be submitted to approval by share-holders. A real life pre-emptive crime-bust for  $50 million "fraudulent" retirement moneys of which Ghosn's lawyers, nor the public, have ever seen … Continue reading Is Ghosn Guilty?

Macron Lying About Macron.

"Macron and Soros fake news from Italy!" FranceInfo - Soros, Rothschild, fake news! Liberation's FakeNews checker: Is it true that Macron was financed by Soros? - No, of course not, it's Fake News from a Fake Tweet. "The Firehose of Falsehood" is what the RAND corporation calls the Russian propaganda model.  "High-volume and multichannel" and … Continue reading Macron Lying About Macron.