Murdering Dolphins. Kidnapping Children. Japan Inc.

It behooves those living in the West to take a more critical approach to the land of the rising son. Assange's incarceration in Belmarsh, excessive and unwarranted in no way detracts from Japan's systemic abuse of inmates. Prolonged, deliberate, systematic solitary confinement is torture, pure and simple. It is torture of Assange, it was torture … Continue reading Murdering Dolphins. Kidnapping Children. Japan Inc.

Is Ghosn Guilty?

Ghosn looks like a minority report arrest. Incarceration for pre-crime.  Solitary confinement for a theft at best imagined. Preparing an illicit retirement package never submitted, or yet to be submitted to approval by share-holders. A real life pre-emptive crime-bust for  $50 million "fraudulent" retirement moneys of which Ghosn's lawyers, nor the public, have ever seen … Continue reading Is Ghosn Guilty?