Ghosn’s Arrest. How Macron went about it.

The Florange Act was adopted by the Socialist French Parliament, on March 29, 2014. It imposed a dual voting structure on the shares of all French domiciled companies such that their voting power doubled when held for more than two years. Florange came into effect automatically in March 31, 2016, and companies who wished to … Continue reading Ghosn’s Arrest. How Macron went about it.

Paying Ghosn, Paying Whores

Money money money. Get too much of it, and for too many people (especially the French, whose minds have shrunk to size of a penny following the dissolution of their empire) want to see you robbed, humiliated, or guillotined. Exceptions are made for dimwitted jocks from Africa, and stripping or bloviating ghetto skanks. According to … Continue reading Paying Ghosn, Paying Whores