It is White Privilege to Deny the Black Menace

White privilege exists. It is extreme. It is gratuitous. It is unlike any previously known forms of privilege this tiny planet of 200 million square miles (1/2 billion km sq) has ever seen, and it is a unique and uniquely oppressive privilege. It merits all the destruction the motley youpla of the anti-lock-down 2020 burning-man … Continue reading It is White Privilege to Deny the Black Menace

Ghosn, a Semitic Assange

If Assange deserves the support of reasonable people,  revolted by solitary confinement as a form of torture and house arrest as violations of civil rights, so does Carlos Ghosn. Pointing out Ghosn's "privilege" and wealth, is inane.  Those who wish to belittle or justify Ghosn's ordeal are moral Lilliputians not worth the earth they tread … Continue reading Ghosn, a Semitic Assange