Ghosn, a Semitic Assange

If Assange deserves the support of reasonable people,  revolted by solitary confinement as a form of torture and house arrest as violations of civil rights, so does Carlos Ghosn. Pointing out Ghosn's "privilege" and wealth, is inane.  Those who wish to belittle or justify Ghosn's ordeal are moral Lilliputians not worth the earth they tread … Continue reading Ghosn, a Semitic Assange

Nissan and Japanese War Crimes

note to readers: the following series of articles (about Carlos Ghosn and Japan) suffers from poor editing. Limited updating will take place. Indulgence is asked. When Carlos Ghosn assumed the job of Nissan's CEO, was he even vaguely aware of the historical legacies of the company he would run? Of its role in the Japanese … Continue reading Nissan and Japanese War Crimes