Notre Dame Was No Accident

"Conspiracy Theories about the Notre Dame Fire are already beginning to Spread" punned the new Statesman. "The cause of the Notre Dame Cathedral fire remains unknown. Everything else is a rumor" chimed USA Today. "Social media platforms 'failed to counter Notre Dame fire misinformation'" the Guardian grumbled. Roughly speaking, here is a crude timeline of … Continue reading Notre Dame Was No Accident

Macron Lying About Macron.

"Macron and Soros fake news from Italy!" FranceInfo - Soros, Rothschild, fake news! Liberation's FakeNews checker: Is it true that Macron was financed by Soros? - No, of course not, it's Fake News from a Fake Tweet. "The Firehose of Falsehood" is what the RAND corporation calls the Russian propaganda model.  "High-volume and multichannel" and … Continue reading Macron Lying About Macron.