A Manifesto Against Corona Measures

The Declaration of Independence is in the docks.
It was incitement.

The Bill of Rights, in solitary confinement.
It was a blueprint for political terror.

The Magna Carta, a museum piece.
It was a historical mistake.

4th of July a Festival of Hatred.

14 of July a Feast of the Deluded.

Universal Declaration of the Rights of Man — farcical insipid drivel.

Vaccines, there’s your liberty!

The Ministry of Health Ministry of Insanity is now your guide to bliss.

Social Distancing – your only hope!

Digital friends, digital care, digital love, digital bubble, that’s your present and future,
forever and ever – Amen!

Disagree? Gotta a problem with it?

Shut up and stay at home.
Shut up and wear a mask.
Shut up, go bonkers, rot.

No right to give a smile, nor to see one given. Forget your tears. Ignore a weeping neighbor.

Sneezing and coughing as criminal as hugging or kissing.

No right to assembly.
No right to protest.
No right to debate, discuss, formulate, and defend these and any other rights.

No rights, no rights at all, except the Right to Obey.

The Right to Obey not the Will of the People in the form of democratically debated and promulgated legislation, but to genuflect to secretive “Science” committees whose composition, meetings, and decisions are secret, and without appeal.

In the span of mere months the world has been transmogrified. Reason and common sense assassinated by artificially whipped up panic and hysteria. The freedom to move about of our own will and volition, where we see fit according to our needs and fancies, ruthlessly crushed under the Iron Heel of Fear.

To communicate in person – with colleagues, friends, and family, forbidden.

To care for our loved ones, a transgression.

To go about the business of human business, social, community, entrepreneurial, family – all abrogated.

In the name of protecting our lives, we are turning into zombies whose lives are not worth living.

To remain human, has become a struggle. Not an abstract struggle. Not a metaphor. A daily struggle with our lonely, outcast selves.

The Algos are rising. The Singularity is the emergence of an Artificial Conscience from the fusing of routers, mobile devises, internet of things, virtual assistants, and the web, by a handful of digital oligarchs whose power is based on our dependence on their products.

They are men advised by Artificial Intelligence generated through the analysis of our mass data. Exploiting our digital fingerprints and location to stealthily penetrate our psyche in order to fragment us, isolate us, demotivate us, precipitate despondency and despair, so as to increase our dependency on them.

Corporations, Government, and the Media aren’t merely censoring us or telling us what to think, they are furthering our dependance so as to entrench their power permanently, and without appeal.

Our leaders have failed to adapt our laws to this. As individuals we have failed to adapt our lives to it.

We are enslaved to The Screen. We refuse discipline in our habits. The ease with which we stopped reading, and listening, with which we yield to our impulse to tap, to click, to stare, is the ease with which the Digital Oligarchs have taken over.

A totalitarian society the likes of which no futurist or prophet has dared to describe for fear of implausibility descends upon us. It is not a dream. It is a nightmare, and it is taking place here and now, in the real world.

Covid-19 is not the plague. At its worst, fatalities remain bellow 1%, but to give up our most fundamental rights would always be more detrimental to our future than even a 20% fatality rate.

During wars, during famines, during previous pandemics, we have no collective memory of restrictions on caring for our loved ones, celebrating Holidays together, our births and birthdays, of attending funerals, of sharing food at the same table, and breathing the same air. In fact, all of our wars were fought for their preservation. We knew no bans on smiles. On contact. On existence. The current Tyranny foisted upon us in the name of fighting this virus (or any virus) is already a form of defeat. A form of capitulation. Of handing over from the start, that for which one is supposedly fighting.

Never in the history of humanity has such administrative overreach been witnessed. We are building a stifling dystopia, in which a sliver of elites dictates our thoughts, actions, and emotions while our very movements, identities, and intimate thoughts are subject to a policing more draconian than anything experienced in Nazi Germany or Bolshevik Russia.

The effort to stoke hysteria displaces Goebbles or Marxists-Leninists into the medieval period. The cutting edge of persuasion technology, the algorithms of Google, Facebook, Twitter, and countless Digital Oligarchies are now the Core of the Coercive Machine in which Covid is but a means to an end.

It is not a matter of disinformation, it is a matter of mass manipulation by embedding reporters into hospitals, and barraging us with death pornography tailored to everyone’s specific demographic reference frame while we are coerced into group-think with arbitrary incarceration, massive fines, and family separation. Decades of medical practice, and scientific integrity are turned on their heads, and the credibility of countless institutions is in shambles.

Covid-19 has a tangible deleterious impact on our reproductive organs. The more antibodies, the worst the effect. Repeat injection of vaccines can not but enhance this effect. No – no one who has had the disease should take any of the vaccines.

Vaccines which have not passed the most rudimentary long-term safety-tests coupled with lockdown induced bottlenecks create artificial mutagenic pressure on the virus. Without being able to run its natural 2 year course, human meddling will make SARS-CoV-2 deadlier and more unwieldy.

The original strain is the best form of inoculation. Asymptomatic transmission is virtually unknown, except in very close domestic quarters of which lockdowns are the chief facilitators. If it is merely a case of poor detection, then asymptomatic transmission is manifestly the best route towards herd immunity.

Such immunity is long-term. Repeat infection occurs only in the immunosuppressed, and at a rate lower than for mono (Epstein-Barr virus) or chickenpox. Many humans have pre-existing immunity.

“Immunity passports” do not promise to take this into account. They have nothing to do with immunity, everything to do with Pfizer, Big Tech, and Big Government. Immunity to Covid-19 cannot be measured by inexpensive and widely available means, and antibodies are found among the immunocompromised, not the healthy.

The logic of of such “passports” is a global surveillance system, ripe with fraud, identity theft, and Orwellian Tyranny running roughshod over two million years of human evolution.Vaccine passports are not proof of immunity, but in-humanity. Coerced reduction to the status of a guinea pigs. Deletion of cerebral independence by an onslaught of death porn. Destruction of Human Will by hacking of our live digitally and physically.

To remain a human has become a struggle and there aren’t three ways to victory.

There is only one.

We must declare Independence, and this presumes declaring War.

First – Civil Disobedience.

Mass Civil Disobedience.

To ignore the orders. En masse.

To incur the fine, and not pay. En masse!

We need to protest, but to coordinate protest activity we need to begin circumventing the current system. We need less intermediaries. Forums, listserves, mailing lists, direct calls cannot be censored as effectively as social media.

Hence, print leaflets, spray-paint, decals, wear clothes with a message.

Open your window and at least whisper – I’m Mad as Hell and I’m not Going to Take This Anymore!

Talk man to man, woman to woman. Across social, racial, religious, and above all political (!) lines. We are all allies in this cause. We all march together. Where the digital is not controlled, trans-national information sharing and coordination must be pursued, but outreach starts in the streets, alleys, in the queues. With stickers on your cars. Banners on your windows. A protest sign in public places. With sustained support through honking, thumb-up, with conversation.

Approach members of law enforcement, remind them of the difference between laws respectful of our fundamental rights vs. rule by edict and memoranda.

Make it a point that fatalities are increased by lockdowns, by masking, by government incompetence. Fight the attempt to guilt-shame the fight for liberty. Less oxygen, less physical activity, mental inertia, and social isolation equal increased vulnerability. Under 50s are committing more suicides than are dying of the virus.

As the provision of services and goods declines, preventable disease mortality rises to all time highs. Less human warmth, grater isolation, undermine the immune system, and Corona can strike harder, more lethally.

Through the trampling of due process social upheaval is rendered inevitable. The Social Contract – null and void. Human trust is poisoned by government sponsored vigilantism. A generation seeped in contempt is arising, and it will recognize neither law nor friend, but only foe.

The effort at victory starts with everyone, everyone talking to anyone, with the message that any abrogation, neglect, and willful suppression of our Civil Rights is a price never worth paying, even in the face of death.

Communication, human communication, is the start of our resistance.

It is the key to success, and the keystone of building a future in which liberty endures. A future which requires that we put a stop to Big Tech’s Big Crushing of Humanity now, immediately!

Now and not tomorrow!

From the beginning, lockdowns, masks, and social distancing diluted the social fabric of society and opened the door to untrammeled technocracy and dehumanization, and to resist these measure is to assert one’s humanity. To fight these measures, is to fight for the well being of future generations.

Civil Disobedience is the first step. It can only succeed if its practice is sufficiently broad, and persistent. The refusal to pay fines is its most important dimension. Collective refusal is collective support. It can be done with a minimum of communication.

Politicians who oppose Corona-tyrannical measures deserve our support, and when possible – our vote. Their platform must include the amnesty of all corona related penalties and fees, and a reparations tax levied on the the media and digital monopolists who attempted to seize power under medico-administrative pretexts.

Were this to fail, the conflict will become as in 1776, 1789, 1989 (to mention the best known) a struggle in which autonomous groups will resort to physical self-defense, as a result of the violence perpetrated by a state.

This physical self-defense will become the only option, and at no point is it anyone’s business to denounce such defense when in service to our common, universal humanity.

If governments choose to pursue a war on their populations, revolutionary tribunals will be organized and convened, so our actions remain focused, and not arbitrary.

These tribunals will weigh the damage done by specific actors and policies to individuals, families, and entire communities. Corporations, vested interests, and decision makers whose conduct contributed to the erosion of the provision of care, increase in suicides, suffering, and psychological destruction of fellow humans will be judged by juries of their peers. Sentences will be promulgated.

For Civil Disobedience to be effective, it must be understood as the first step of a determined campaign which will not compromise with the enemy.

It is a canard that our only options are those of peace when all peaceful options are rendered illegal. Eschewing or denouncing the right to psychical self-defense as a matter of principle, is to surrender before the firsts shot is fired; an inevitable fact, no matter how unpalatable. What is not inevitable, is a reversal. Governments can avoid mass Civil Disobedience, and certainly physical confrontation and revolution, if they put a stop to policies which make them necessary.

By the time soldiers are deployed in the streets of New York, Los Angeles, Buenos Aires, Mexico City, London, Berlin, Moscow, Tokyo, to oppose the human struggle for freedom, neither citizen nor soldier will have anything to lose.

It is a fundamental mistake to accept lockdowns and masks as health measures against Corona for it sets a precedent for the abrogation of Civil Rights in time of arbitrarily designated “Emergencies.”

It is a fundamental mistake to criminalize the spread of Corona for it sets a precedent that governments can read our minds and interpret our intentions, not to mention legislate to nature! To interfere with complex dynamic systems using incomplete and limited human models, in the name of an ill defined demographic good to engineer biological molecules without any legal responsibility or liability.

The time to resists is Now. To Resist this Tyranny before its strictures become permanent and irreversible. To spread the word, and share the message by all means possible, staying one step ahead of the censors. To generate support for opposition and to maintain this support throughout a necessary and just struggle for our liberties and freedoms.

Without such freedoms we are no longer human, but mere cattle to be herded according to the whims and caprices of a a few geeks who are protected by armies of brain-dead zombies.

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