The Abraham Accords

America bit the dust and Israel, Bibi, the Lobby, the Jews, etc, were busy with more important affairs.

As his father-in-law drowned in self-inflicted apoplexy in response to the DNC’s annihilation of American Democracy, Jared Kushner gloatingly snapped pics on commutes between Israel, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar.

He looks satisfied in these pictures. He smiles while America burns; its democracy is bludgeoned – Jared’s team (on US taxpayers pay) celebrate their success.

Related through marriage, living in separate universes, Jared and Donald J. Trump.

The message to the goyim is crude. Not only are nations condoms – “chuck after fuck,” we kidnap your daughters to secure power and then severe the tree from its roots. The trope of the stolen bride, of the stolen Christian child or woman, induced into to the faith of the lepers, to subvert the virtuous gentile.

The “Synagogue of Satan” is a Jewish concept. Known in the Dead Sea Scrolls as “the lot of Belial” it is part of a broader notion in Judaism dealing with treachery and faithlessness. It is tempting to focus on Jews as the culprits of America’s decline, but the “Synagogue of Satan” is a characterization of those who pretended to be Jews, not Jews themselves.

Could Jews have saved Trump? Could they have saved his presidency? Save American Democracy? Save America?

No one could have saved Trump. His lack of spine, his cravenness, his outsourcing of his brain to Jared Kushner, meant only fools would have bothered.

In Israel Trump’s popularity ratings were consistently near the seventies. Similar to say – Albania and Kosovo, subhuman filth which kidnaps children, steals their organs, sells them into slavery; Balkan hell-holes which make North Korea look like an Athens.

Israel and its citizens are a Spartan state. They do not concern themselves with democracy, rule of law, or freedom. Lip service to equality between the old Jewish Ashkenazi elite is what remains of the Zionist dream. The rest is a Middle Eastern shit-hole, with a Middle Eastern mindset, a Middle Eastern language, and Middle Eastern future in which “democracy” has no part.

Israel was born in violence and exists in violence and democracy was inimical to its founding spirit. Jewish equality and dignity were the primary force of its establishment, and they too have now run their course. Kushner’s grand Middle Eastern tourné was by definition a slap in the face of any democratic sentiment.

Israel is a “sanctuary city” in the worst sense of the word. An Ar-Hamiklat (ערי המקלט‎) without any of the Biblical charm. A statelet to which sophisticated criminals the world-over flock, transforming its European spirit, decimating its humanist culture.

Until present, in its inevitable quest to secure the military influence of Western powers essential to its existence, Israel relied on diaspora Jews of European extraction appealing to our humanism. It weakened attachments to ideas such as freedom, not as a matter of choice, but by exploiting the inherent necessity in Jewishness and Judaism. The neu-Altneuland will be a Mizrahi affair. Humanism is a foreign planet to the Falasha and Yemenites.

Trump’s triumph in 2016 was the triumph of Sheldon Adelson. Of the insipid Orthodoxy of the shiksa Ivanka in which Jewish righteousness is purchased with money requiring every frumkin’s acquiescent ignorance. The recent death of Adelson couldn’t be more symbolic of the death of a Jewish model that was as irrelevant in 2016 as it is today.

To be an American is to suffer from an insufferable sense of uniqueness. This is a Jewish quality. A Jewish notion, and it was crafted by the parents of the same neocons who pushed America into Iraq. They were the fathers of the American Dream, and the Founding Fathers of the American Empire.

When Jews substituted reality for a “Dream” as a basis of an entire nation’s sense of self-worth, they were working off the sense of gratitude they felt when in the early 20th century they set foot on American soil as redemption from the travails of the Old Country. Their intentions were good. Wholesome. Simple. So much so that even ordinary gentiles loved the idea. They subscribed in droves. It became a touchstone metaphor of belonging for Jews and gentiles. Judeo-Christianity was born.

Who doesn’t like to feel special? Who isn’t prepared to pay a price for standing out from the rest of the crowd? Judeo-Christianity made one special. Post-Christian secularity even more so. Ordinary Christianity, less so. Evangelical Zio-Christianity, also a good deal.

In 2020 the bubble burst. The Dream was but a dream.

Israel cannot exist without external military support, and the United States will maintain the trappings of a Federal budget in which the military remains a focal point. The rest can, and will go to hell. From the moment it became a superpower, America had two constituencies – international elites, and American citizens. In the high-stakes game of politics, it would be the elites who would carry the day, not the citizens. Elites which are a competitive lot, and have more than one country to choose from.

During the war in Syria, Russia showed itself to be an exemplary player. It defended Assad while ceding to Israeli military and strategic interests. China is partial to Israeli economic intelligence. Brazil’s Bolsonaro is a product of American Zio-Evangelism. India’s Modi is eager to obtain New York capital. A consensus has emerged, in which Israeli sovereignty is finally a given.

That of the Palestinians, no longer is. With the Gulf Cooperation Council having established diplomatic ties with Israel, there remains one force of any value to the Arabs of Judea – Iran, and its Hezbollah proxy. Their expiration date is 2027.

The Abraham Accords are the single most important historical event of our lifetime. For Jews they will become the second most important date since the foundation of Israel. Whether this will propel Jared Kushner to Messianic status, and an insane political career in the future, is besides the point. Peace between the beating heart of Global Islam and the beating heart of Global Commerce and Influence, means a world future in which the Middle East will become the undisputed Beating Heart of the World.

The ramifications for world politics couldn’t be greater. Not only do America’s citizens no longer matter, the democratic nature of the country is now redundant. The make up of the international elites who run America has shifted to a Semitic core, with non-Western cultural norms.

The first to go in the West will be the “Alt-Right” – Rebel News, Pamella Geller, JihadWatches and all their “nationalist” fellow-travelers. Netanyahu’s controlled “right wing” is no longer needed as “Abrahamism” replaces “Judeo-Christianity.” Sorry Tommy Robinson. Sorry Katie Hopkins. The avant-garde of Americana, Westernism, Judeo-Christianity, sorry – nothing to feel special about anymore. You were just the canary in the coal-mine, and your handlers knew it from the start. They had a game-plan. You never do.

The “multicultural” organisations that Jews traditionally control will increase their influence. The political realignment in Europe will be dramatic. It will no longer be the diplomatic core of the Scandis or the French calling the shots at the UN, but those of Rabat and Ankara who will empower their communities throughout the Old Continent both politically and socially. A Eurabia brought about by the very people who coined the term and were the first to scream about it.

The sheer demographic weight of the Global South means that the Abraham Accords are a green-light to a demographic scrambling of the Global North such that Russians will become more Euroasiatics, Europeans more Islamic, Americans more Hispanic, and the Jews and the Khalijis will be their financial and political masters militarily, diplomatically, and in the very value of their lives.

The Caliph will be Al-Saud, his vizeer will be a –stein. Democracy will be a long-forgotten cultural norm. The likes of Kushner will become the world’s first trillionaires. Ramat Gan will be Manhattan, Tel Aviv – New York. Trump might even put his name on a set of new properties, worth 200 billion by decade’s end.

Europe’s destiny is stark. A bordello, a source of organs and orgasms, amusement, and booze. It will serve its Semitic masters through an American proxy before yielding to direct Turkish, Israeli, and Moroccan control.

China will remain the world’s factory, and global supply chains will be controlled from Shanghai, Honk Kong, and Taiwan but the profit will be pumped into the Middle East, its projects, its vision, its political influence in New York and Washington DC, and then into Tel Aviv, Egypt, and a re-conquered Iran, and Syria.

America’s military might be substituted sooner rather than latter by more masculine, reliable, and disciplined Turkish, Iranian, Russian, Indian, Latin American, and African units.

Kushner’s four year stint as the brains of a nominally populist Trump have been transformative. NATO and the Pentagon have no future. Their technological advantage is already brittle. Their manpower is cannon fodder. They are Durex, Trojans, Astroglide, and they will be dripping full the day Iran’s military ability to support Hezbollah is finally ejected. After which these rubbers will be promptly put in the dustbin of useful dupes sacrificed for someone else’s fancy.

In 2016 Americans elected Trump as a desperate attempt to maintain their sense of uniqueness. The Jews who made Trump’s victory possible, would have nothing of the latter.

In 2020 Americans finally began the process of being humbled by the forces of history, of becoming like everyone else. Surviving this process means surviving as a nation. Refusing it obstinately on the grounds of privilege, would be a form of suicide.

The “Synagogue of Satan” is about pretense. For America to be truly unique, it would have to abolish history. What makes Jews special is that we are uniquely equipped, of all the people’s of the earth, to deal with the Consequence of our own Hubris. We have a five thousand year record of doing so.

Everyone else is a mere impostor – a member of “The lot of Belial”

3 thoughts on “The Abraham Accords

  1. Kushner has always had a smug smile. In every photograph, he’s wearing his game face, that little fake smile revealing nothing. It’s the most clever part of him. He’s not as bright as he thinks he is … or you think he is. Trump had to rescue the boy on several occasions. His forays into Mideast politics were remarkably unsuccessful considering the powerful backing he had when he started. Only Trump’s policies, such as the symbolic gesture of moving the embassy, will exist in a few years. Kushner is history.

    Kushner should be on his boney knees thanking Trump for being part of an administration, the connections of which saved him from certain bankruptcy. His biggest NYC investment, that huge building in Manhattan that is a gazillion-dollar albatross around his skinny neck — I can’t think of the name of it, now … sorry – would have gone bankrupt had it not been for the Trump presidency. It still may belly up, but Trump, at least, bought wannabe heavy hitter Kushner some time. Amazingly, that ditzy daughter of Trump actually ran a successful business. They may end up living on her income, not his.

    You’re absolutely and utterly wrong to write that Jared and Trump live in separate universes. NO. NO. NO. Both Trump and Kushner see the world through the same, shysterish, urban lens. Too, I’m not sure why you think Trump is the quintessential goy – he’s more Jewish in outlook, bankbook and mentality than 90 percent of Jews in NYC, or in America, for that matter. Upper-crusty Protestants refused to have anything to do with Trump-the-parvenu. Do you remember how Protestants refused to admit him to tony country clubs, which is why he ended up buying that gawdy property in Florida. Jupiter Island wouldn’t have him, either. To sum: to put Trump into the realm of upper class Protestants is a sad mistake. WASPs rejected him decades ago.

    In a way, your description of how Israeli Jews loved Trump validates Trump’s Jewishness. Trump was/is far more Jewish in his worldview than Christian. Jews intuitively knew Trump was one of them. Thus, the 70+ percent approval rating in Israel. And, ergo, the high approval ratings among American Jews who take Judaism seriously, like the Orthodox in NYC.

    Again, the battle line of the future isn’t between Jews and goyim – that’s goofy – but between Jewish-and-Christians-of-salient-faith and secularists. Salient Jews and Christians have more in common with each other than either of them to secularists. You persist in drawing the line between Jews and the rest of humanity. This is delusional.

    There’s a Jew-on-Jew battle between those who actually live/practice/believe and Jewish secularists. A similar battle is going on within Christianity, at least Protestant Christianity. In both, the battle is between those who truly believe and those who are Jews or Christians in name only.

    Could Jews have saved Trump, you ask? No. I agree that Trump is a very flawed, damaged figure. Secularists are taking potshots at him now. Gleefully. In doing so, they’re overplaying their strong hand. The majority of ordinary Americans who voted and loved Trump are quietly seething.

    This will not end well.

    I find your statements about violence and democracy fascinating. The historical pattern is that (almost) all countries are “born in violence,” including the United States. There’s nothing unique to Israel about a violent origin. What makes Israel extreme, though not unique, is the persistence of violence as it carved out a protected space among belligerent, hate-filled Muslims. I think Israel is a miracle, really. The fact that it exists … just wow. It’s a lovely place encircled by Muslim squalor, a testimony to the work-ethic, clever-planning, flexibility and sheer determination of Jews. I agree with you, too, that the subsidies and politically championing of Israel by American and European Jews made success possible. Without secular Jews, who at that time valued Israel – now, decreasingly so – Israel wouldn’t exist.

    If you would, please explain this: “It weakened attachments to ideas such as freedom, not as a matter of choice, but by exploiting the inherent necessity in Jewishness and Judaism.” What in Judaism is this inherent necessity of which you speak? I’d like to know, please.

    True, Jewish minorities in Israel have no historical connection to Western ideas, but they’re political gnats in Israel. They don’t matter now, and will never matter. Israel smartly shipped illegal minorities back to their own countries, remember? Americans are not so smart. Our non-Western minorities were given preferences and freebies by the government as well as political power that far exceeds their abilities. They’re dragging American down, or away from our ideals. And, thanks to Democrats (Jews?) these unAmerican immigrants are far too numerous, now, to outvote. We’ll have to push them back to where they came from, a reversed “Aliyah,” of sorts, but coerced, like what you did to your own illegal population – returned them to their homelands, by plane. But I digress …

    Trump’s triumph had little to do with Adelson. Adelson didn’t even deliver Nevada for Trump, if I recall correctly. Trump’s victory was borne on the back of ordinary populists who were mostly Christian. Just as an overwhelming majority of salient Christians in America voted for Trump – secular/progressive Christians and Jews voted for Biden. Trump’s Christian majority is more impressive if you push aside the Christian black vote and count only white and Hispanic voters. Most American black Christians have, as their primary lens through which they see politics, race, not religion. Most American white Christians vote on the basis of their faith, not skin colour. Whites vote as if they were religious or irreligious, or, rather, according to the worldviews that accompany being a Christian or a secularist.

    It’s common knowledge among political pollsters that the strongest predictor of a voter’s political party identification is what his/her parents were. If a voters parents were Democrats, that voter is likely to be Democrat. BUT … the second strongest predictor is religion. If a voter has a salient religion – Christian or Jew – that voter is a Republican. Secularists are overwhelmingly Democrats. Religiosity/irreligiousity is a more powerful factor than race, gender, marriage, income, education … you name it. Only one’s family background trumps religion in determining one’s political outlook.

    To understand the American sense of manifest destiny and the American dream, I’d suggest you read any book written by Sidney Mead who died, I believe, in the early 1960s, before academe was completely politicised. After the 1960s, academe became a zone of indoctrination and disinformation, so the best and most reliable books were published before this date. I know how hard it is to get a sense of how other people think. You’re trying … I see it, but you fundamentally misjudge the American mentality. (My doc is in intellectual history, by the way. Ivy.)

    Your comments about Judeo-Chrsitianity (such a weird concept, no?) are spot on. That idea persists, but is now relegated to secularists. Among the “faithful,” only a handful of liberal religionists give a rip about J-C, now. It’s a has-been joke. This doesn’t mean, though, that Jews aren’t revered among Christians. Evangelicals love Jews. L. O. V. E. They’re your strongest “real” American constituency. But they love Jews because of, not in spite of, their faith, which has to be a bit off-putting to Jews who, frankly, like you, are (to some degree) bigoted against Christians.

    You continue to use the weird word “gentiles” as a synonym for Christian, thinking, perhaps, that Christians divide the world of faith like Jews. There’s no one-drop nonsense among Christians. Either you believe it or you shift to the left to become UCC or Episcopalian, and then hang on the left edge of Christianity by your toenails as a Unitarian. Inevitably and eventually, you drop off the left edge of the religious universe into a secularist abyss. At that point, you’re out.

    Secularism is the fastest growing faith in America. This is the true “post-Christian secularity” of which you speak – Christians who have left the fold. Remember, Christianity can’t exist without believers. Christians don’t think of themselves as Christian unless they actually believe/do the creeds, read the Bible, attend church, etc. They’ll say things like this: “I was raised as a Methodist but no longer believe …” This means they’re out. They’re not Christian.

    Again … and again … the new divide is between sincere and salient religionists (Jew or Christian) and secularists. You’re still in the old mentality of Jew v Christian. This is over. Done. Stick a fork in it. It’s cooked.

    I’ll give you one example. Against California’s activist/oppressive government edicts which prohibited Christians from going to church because of the fake virus, one man stood tall, John MacArthur. (He’s Reformed which roughly means he’s a Calvinist (Presbyterian).) MacArthur kept his church open in spite of government demands to shut down. In response, the state government closed his parking lots, sent the police/Gestapo to surround the church building, took down the names/license plate numbers of those who attended, threatened church members with jail and MacArthur with prison, and are now tying him up with expensive and ridiculous legal battles. MacArthur doesn’t care because he believes, strongly, that the Christian command to have weekly fellowship overrules anything the state demands. He’s willing to pay the price for civil disobedience — so are his church members. It’s a Caesar v. God situation.

    So, do you know who stood by MacArthur … who opened their own parking lot to church goers, who stood by him publicly and openly? The Jewish rabbi next door. Liberal Christians didn’t stick up for their own. Libertarians didn’t support him. Nope. MacArthur was championed by an orthodox rabbi who said, in so many words,that he had more in common with these besieged Christians than with the secular state.

    Think about this. It points to a true divide: Secular v. salient Jew/Christian.

    I have mixed feelings about Russia. I agree that Russia was far more stalwart and strong than the US during the Syrian war, but honestly, much of what happened during that war is known only to insiders and I’m not one of them. It appears that Assad was targeted by the leftist American State Department and Obama administration. I’m not sure why. Assad was more Western than about any other political leader in that area. Obama’s regime was either irrational or anti-Western. Attacking Libya? Why? They gave pallets of money to Iran. Whose side were they on anyway?

    Not Israel’s side. And, not America’s side. In a way, Obama is a case in point about who Israel’s enemies are. They’re not American – real Americas, not immigrants – but anti-Western immigrants like Obama. Biden is as American as I am, but he’s associated himself with the “ others.” He will be a thorn in the side to Israel, not a friend. Mark my word. You should be lamenting the downfall of Trump, not beating him when he’s down. This is below you. Trump may be the last, great presidential friend of Israel. I hope this isn’t true but fear it may be.

    America still matters. To Israel. To the world. It’s still the big boy in the playground. You’re too triumphalist about Israel; too rah rah rah.

    America’s death — think: Mark Twain — is greatly exaggerated. Still, I fear that American demographics and the loss of a sense of community and commonality will destroy this country from the inside out. Hopefully, we’ll do something about it. Civil war is in the offing here. Biden’s corrupted election through the manipulation of voting machines guarantees future civil strife of some sort. The best – least violent – solution which remains for Americans is partition: breaking the country into several countries so Trumpeters and secularists can live apart from each other. People who hate each other can’t live together ( You should know; Israel dealt with her hate-filled neighbours brutally AND successfully; eventually, Americans will do the same.) Ordinary Americans know the secular left hates them. The current TV news frenzy more than proves this. They’re learning to hate in return.

    I hope – though you may be right – that Israel and Jews keep their residual attachments to the best of Western values. Frankly, I hope America does too. To the degree that Israel keep the Ashkenazim as ascendant political players, it will keep it’s Western orientation. Remember, your pols are less Jews than they are secular Europeans. They’re not going to give up Westernness for a supposedly Semitic, backward militaristic worldview.

    Why are you so hate-filled about America? It’s rational to hate Biden, as he’s a pretender in office, but to hate ordinary Americans, including the American military??? This is irrational. Israel will never have American-like hegemony – too small, too few, too hated. There are a lot of Christian in American who rather like you guys. Secularists hate you.
    Do the math …




    1. Whew, Kristen, the most impressive conversational duel I have ever read. I’ve been looking for a mind like yours my whole life. Just my luck, it looks like you are Ashkenazim LOL. Misrahim or Sephardi I could have handled.


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