Bye Bye Trumps. Buy Buy Tramps.

Things aren’t going according to plan. Trump didn’t keep his end of the bargain. He decided to play ball with his handlers, who balked, and dropped him like a nishtik. Buried him in dust and sand like an aralah (עורלה).

Trump’s second term was a certainty, and while one should not draw hasty conclusions about what awaits him and the American people based on the latest drama, currently his chances of becoming number 46 are lower than the odds of him regaining power sometime in the fall, becoming 47.

The set up of the Steal was immaculate. The proof would be incontrovertible. Turn on the media tap, and MAGA’s harshest detractors would see the light. The stratagem would see the wholesale reformatting of the country’s political playing field. A massive red-wave, a DNC ground into dust, GAFA on its knees, and an abatement of the global Corona-Concetration Camp.

Trump didn’t realize he couldn’t have his cake and eat it at the same time. He overestimated his hand. Wanted a different deal. He wasn’t going to strike Iran, and he wasn’t going to play into an interventionist tone. He refused to utter the treif that Hugo Chavez owned Dominion systems. He insisted that Russia wasn’t behind the hack of Solarwind.

The real hackers – the Israelis (both Solarwind and Leonardo) were the same ones who “hacked” the 2016 election. In 2020 they would pour Voter Fraud stories into the media, and Trump would get a second term once a strike on Iran was carried out. This would prefigure a new interventionists foreign policy for his second term. It was never the idea that Trump would be a real populist.

More importantly, Hezbollah would be exterminated once Iran’s bloody nose deterred it from further investment into the Levantine resistance movement. In exchange the Lobby would lend corporate America a hand in toppling of Venezuela’s Maduro, allow for a thaw in relations with Russia, weaken American support for the Nazis in Ukraine, and ratchet up the pressure on China to open its financial markets and capital accounts. Trump would get a Nobel for the Middle East peace, and an end to Russiagate.

Contrary to the somewhat erroneous and jealous scribbling of Anne Coulter, whose wafer thin connections to the Trump White House have mislead her into grossly misunderstanding Trump’s political predicament (Anne doesn’t want a repeat of “Jews Jews Jews” ), Trump was always beholden to Netanyahu’s American factotums. The Mercers and Adelson, the oligarchs of Russophone extraction and an army of Jewish American mobsters for whom the Trump family build their career as fronts.

The story about Trump’s original surname had always been false, and a particularly twisted version emerged in 2016. In truth, the surname’s spelling never featured a “D,” and had never been altered at Elis Island. Several of Trump Sr.’s German cousins attained the highest ranks within the Nazi military machine. Fred Trump knew this. Trump’s family knows this. The Nazi tombs have been photographed, and the genealogical tree doesn’t lie.

Yet, worldwide, Orthodox Jews are Trumps most stalwart constituency. Immigrant Jews are second. Countrywide, no one comes close to Israel in its Trump-latry. From the very first to the very last, Trump’s presidency was about one country, and one country only. For Eretz, and those tied to it, it was about more than Kushner. It was about Jews who resembled us more than the Janet Yellen’s and our liberal-reform ilk. Jews who are socially conservative. Racist. Resentful of being shut out of the system by richer and more jet-set brethren. Trump was, from the start, a modern reading of the Judean Wars. A civil war among Jews, albeit more civil than war.

Eretez is the country who had Clinton’s Ada codes. Who had Clinton’s emails. In whose employ Sidney Blumenthal had Hillary wrapped around his finger. On whose behalf Debbi Wasserman-Schults controlled the DNC. Mike Flynn, George Papadopoulos, the list goes on. The country that used Pakistani cut-outs for DNC servers, and facilitated the transfer of Seth Riches’ information to Wikileaks.

Israel is the country whose control over America’s Media was parlayed into the “fake” fake “Clinton Ploy” of using Trump to bludgeon more mainstream GOP candidates in the 2015 primary garnering the negative coverage to improve his visibility as a candidate.

Israel’s power over America’s political and business classes is unshakable, and in America’s struggle against The Steal this power was restrained. The Lobby melted away.

Bibi gave Trump bread-crumbs. Frank Gaffney. A neocon drumming on about China, a covert CIA network of Honk Kong affiliated revolutionaries, to which Steve Bannon, and his Jewish patrons, hitched a ride. Trump wanted more than crumbs. Bibi wanted Iran. Trump was trapped. Trump’s Jews tried to unseat Bibi with Gideon Saar – still on the agenda. Kooky Biden, childless kAmala are more malleable, as Trump’s demise is a simple message to Israel’s patsies in the upper echelons of the DOD – do our bidding or die.

The details of how Trump had to choose between Israel’s Flynn/Byrne/Powell are controversial. For a moment Bibi’s media minions demonstrated how easily they could turn Biden’s family affairs into national news. Fox’s role was to be sequenced, Newsmax’s 180 turn, was the last warning. Boris Epstein and Jarrod Kushner continued to clock in more time betwen Morocco, Doha, and Abu Dhabi, than on step-dad’s behalf.

Trump might be rewarded for his four years of unwavering services to the only country which mattered both to him, and to all America’s elites. With the new found “peace” between the world’s most militaristic political regime (Israel) and barbaric theocracy (the GCC), his name might briefly grace not only a street sign on the Golan Heights, but a development NEOM, and the Palm Jumeirah. More likely than not, this will all end in blood, including Trump’s, as events veer out of control. Everyone’s control. Including Israel’s.

America is a society built on two pillars. The free market, and the democratic process. Remove the former, and no one, not even the most abject of America’s patriots, has much to stand on. Free markets without freedom, are meaningless. Democracy without votes, is a Tyranny.

America’s patriots are abject. They are the only flag-wavers who have never shed a drop of blood to defend their own soil. Their idea of love for the land is that of Hollywood and DC comics. Their fighting spirit consists of simping. They virtue signal in reverse. Grunts, beer, bellies. Having no natural born sense of community, their individualism is an anti-society. Sexually frustrated, incel sexism fueled by porn films. Their bravado disguises their insecurity. Incapable of distinguishing mercenary soldiering with serving their nation. Murderous butchers adulating military uniforms. Protein laden muscles in place of brains. Repulsive butches on steroids with no sense of feminine identity. Ignorant know nothings, high on drugs, and unwanted pride. A caricature of the society they claim to despise. Permanent show-offs as politically intolerant as the libtards they’ve defined themselves against.

Having invaded the Capitol building, with no concrete purpose, with no revolutionary objectives, as mere tourists, crunching potato chips on Congressmen’s chairs, snapping Instagram photos at the podium, they are the Kim Kardashians of “patriotism.” Slavoy Zizek’s mishmash of post-modern loss of authenticity blurring ethnicity with ethnic food. The picture perfect assimilation of junk food with Americana for which Trump will be remembered. Better a McDonald’s hamburger than an “Arab’s” kebbab. “Patriots” no different from the idiot who riled them up, called them into DC, set up Pence as a fall-guy for his own four years of empty promises and inaction, then spoke like a true spineless self-engrossed opportunist telling them to get lost without so much as acknowledging their legitimacy. Patriots on whose shoulders this colossus with clay feet stood. It would be tragic, if it wasn’t so painful.

These card-carrying NRA members descended upon an institution which for the last seven months has abnegated every single freedom granted in the Bill of Rights under the pretext of fighting an imaginary disease, unleashed feral mobs of blacks, Hispanics, and self-hating whites against what remained of law and order, and has now abolished the very foundation upon which America stands – a semblance of respect for the democratic process – and this crowd needed to be ushered into the Capitol building by despairing police!?

The craven reaction in the media, RINOs, DNC, the conformist middle classes, and Trump himself, were inevitable. A society built on phoniness can’t even properly imitate a circus. If your entire life is built on pretense, when the rubber hits the road, your wheels come off.

For too long America’s Whites refused to accept the need to formally organize to defend their racial interests so as to join the multi-culturalism in which everyone but them enjoy such representation. The NAACP, la Raza, B’nai B’rith are directly inspired by the KKK, but Whites hate being practical or meeting their existential needs.

Dumped by the narcissistic-in-chief, the most depraved will now play out the “White Separatist” domestic terrorism label. They will initiate a sclerotic and incoherent terror on a state which has effectively become a tyranny. Where decent people the world over organize openly into masses capable of unleashing programmatic violence against their oppressors, transparenty pursuing that power which rightfully belongs to all humans – the state’s monopoly on physical force, Whites will remain a century behind even left wing agitators.

The objective of an oppressed people is to rectify the state’s monopoly on violence. To remove it from being a privilege of BLM, Antifa, hoodlums, and unhinged police officers. To remove it from the purview of politics. To put it back into a monopoly on violence guided by a color-blind application of impartial law which recognizes neither majority nor minority, nor classes of victims or criminals, but only one plausible legal status of a citizen.

America’s Whites have always been cowards too comfortable in a melting pot in which they are the only ones subject to melt. Their country has pedantically been lecturing the world about democracy for seventy years, and when it comes to fighting for what can at least partly justify some sense of patriotism, these “patriots” show less resolve and greater cowardice than any of the victims upon which the Department of State, Military, Marines, and Army have shoved our democracy.

The Chaos into which the Steal has precipitated America was meant to be temporary, and advantage Trump’s team, but the games nations’ play are greater than the interests of flag-waving frustrates and controlling them is nigh impossible. Trump’s ideas of “loyally” are primitive. He was never prepared to see his Israeli handlers stab him in the back. Laden with guilt for his family’s Nazi ties, indebted to Jewish acumen for his money and status, Trump fell for the shtick that the frum keep their neder. Believing that Jews have transcended the constraints of humanity, Trump failed to understand that we are more partial to its excesses, not less.

The fall will be great for a obisoid who shirks from his own shadow. The man who promised to make everyone a Winner, has made everyone the depressed Loser of his inner core.

Dramatically, Trump’s fate prefigures the fate of the entire West. Israel no longer needs you. You are all has-beens. You thought you were winners, and this blinded you to how you lost more with every passing year. In 2016 Israel gave you one last chance. In 2020 it set out to reformat the playing field in its favor when it convinced Trump of the Steal. In exchange it wanted Hezbollah, which meant hitting Iran. Trump didn’t follow through. Patriots strolled through the Capitol, were arrested, did 10 years. The man who they came to defend, spat on their back.

The rest is a shit-show of permanent decline. The pain will be great. There will be no alleviation. Planet Covid Concentration Camp has been set in stone. The revenge for the Holocaust has only started.

Israel had better friends now. They are hooked-nose. They are relatives. You’ve been played for all your worth.

Bye bye tramps.

8 thoughts on “Bye Bye Trumps. Buy Buy Tramps.

  1. I read your snarky screed and enjoyed it immensely. I’m in a hurry, but want to respond in kind. Please excuse all typos, grammatical errors, short cuts and other writing snafus. It’s who I am.

    It’s rather amazing — no? — that you managed to write 2000 words on the rise and fall of Trump without uttering, once, the most magic word of all, “Christian.” You spoke of whites. Card-carrying NRA members. The Kim Kardashians of patriotism, etc.

    But not Christians.

    Jews have underestimated Christians before …

    Your Jewish hagiology is breathtakingly stupid. I write this sympathetically. I regret to inform you, dear, that the world is not run by Jews for the sake of Israel. Hell, Israel isn’t even run by Jews. Pretenders in your midst/mist are far more numerous than the “real deals”– a true genetic profile of, say, Netanyahoo would show that his European admixture overwhelms his Semitic residue, if any. Semitic genes in your leaders, shall we say, were lopped off many generations ago … circumcised away by the goyim, as it were.

    It’s not about race, anyway, but religion. There’s a difference.

    To sum: Israel is run by secular, white Europeans.

    Having said this, I agree with most of what you wrote; am ignorant about the rest. Please permit the following comments:

    1. Your claim that Orthodox Jews are Trump’s “most stalwart constituency” and “immigrant Jews … second,” is dead wrong. Trumps most stalwart constituency are evangelical, fundamentalist, charismatic and Pentecostal Christians. These sincere Christians comprise a third of the country, or so, and are spread across the country. Orthodox Jews comprise much less than one-percent of the population. They have crammed themselves into a handful of urban hellholes where their votes are “cancelled” by the leftists who run these cities. This is the true “cancel culture,” by the way.

    2. The American divide between “whites” and “Christians” in my country mirrors, almost precisely, the divide between “whites” and “Orthodox” (hooknoses, in your parlance) in yours. Again, it’s religion not race. White=secular.

    3. American patriots are not “abject” but floundering. They’ll find their footing, in time. See below.

    4. I agree that American military women are repulsive. They seem to have an extra chromosome – XXY – with the consequent, low-IQ, rah-rahness that accompanies that extra gene. In the US, today, women in the military is the rational culmination of irrational affirmative action. In Israel, a couple generations ago, it made sense to have women in the military in order to double the number of fighters in your tiny population; today, your female “fighters” are as the same dead weight as the women in the American military. (A couple years ago, I watched two girls in fatigues with guns, looking intensely at their reflection in a compact mirror while applying crimson lipstick … on a busy corner in Jerusalem.)

    5. “For too long America’s Whites refused to accept the need to formally organize to defend their racial interests so as to join the multi-culturalism in which everyone but them enjoy such representation. The NAACP, la Raza, B’nai B’rith are directly inspired by the KKK, but Whites hate being practical or meeting their existential needs.” This sentence makes me uncomfortable. Perhaps I’m uncomfortable because I’m lily white, blonde and light-eyed as well as upper class … or am I uncomfortable because this sentence is a patent lie?
    Look, whites don’t organize on the basis of race because we’ve had it drilled into us that whiteness is evil. It’s all about the holocaust … slavery … colonialism … sexism/racism/wheverism. We’re bad. Bad. Bad. Bad. Bad as in evil. Our whiteness is badness. But this is bullshit. Deep inside, we know it is malarky because we know we’re not bad. In fact, we’re better than those who make us pretend we’re bad. Sooner or later we’ll experience a triggering event that causes our innate “badness” to manifest itself as strength. Being a bad-white is an act, dear. I act every day – it’s a joke. I don’t believe it. Not for a second. And, you don’t either.
    Having admitted this, as a very white person, I don’t feel any need whatsoever to organise with other whites. I do, however, feel a strong need to organise under the Christian umbrella. Religion trumps race, every time. As a Jew, you should understand this, even though Jews like to pretend race is religion. But it is your belief system, your worldview that separates you from secularists and Christians like me. Similarly, my worldview which is based on a belief in Jesus Christ as the Messiah, separates me from you and secularists.
    This is what you should have in common, though tenuously, with blonde Jews like Netanyahoo – religious belief. A secular Jew – a Jew who doesn’t believe in the basic tenets of Judaism, however defined – is not a Jew. Why don’t Jews understand this? It’s so basic.
    You aren’t genetically Semitic enough to play the “race card.” Judaism is not a “one-drop” deal. Done.
    5. Oh puleeze. Patriots: “virtue signal … sexually frustrated incel sexism fueled by porn … protein laden muscles … ” blah blah blah. Seriously, have you ever met an American “patriot”? I rather doubt it. Your leftist-inspired drivel is far below your ample intelligence. I can tell you’re a good thinker: you’re not a typical leftist, not really left at all, in fact. I think you need a story.

    Hmmm, try to imagine, with me …

    Joe… a state-college educated, late-40-something guy, working for an engineering firm that designs after-market auto parts. Stuck in the bottom rung of middle management, Joe knows he’s far more capable than the incompetent “bitch” to whom he answers. He’s got an overweight wife and two public school educated kids, one with blue hair, the other sporting tats. When he thinks about his future, which he tries not to as it depresses him, he can’t find reason to hope. There are no big breaks in the offing. No opportunities await him. Society is stacked against him. In an earlier era, he would have had opportunities thrown at him – yes, he’s that capable. But in today’s society, merit matters little. It’s all about the gonads, anti-Christianity, perversion and skin colour.

    Every Sunday morning and Wednesday night Joe used to go to a dying Lutheran church. Three or four of the men at church he considered friends, sorta, but he never spoke to them about anything important, just Sunday chit-chat. He didn’t confide to anyone, in fact, even his wife. His Mormon neighbors occasionally invited him to events at their church, but he knew that Mormonism is a “cult” so always refused. Still, he intuited Mormon clannishness – their in-grouped sensibility — and wished his church had a bit more of it. He thought it would be nice to work among “his kind,” to send his feral kids to a school that represented his values and aspirations, to make deals with a proverbial “handshake,” you know, to live the way “real” Americans used to.

    It would be nice, he thought, if a friend from church helped him replace the leaky faucet in his daughter’s bathroom – he’d do the same, if someone from church asked for his help. No one ever did.

    It would be nice, he also thought, to go to the county park down the street, sit at a picnic table and not be embarrassed by the words carved into it, or the loud Mexican music from a boombox twenty feet away.

    Four years ago, while nursing his evening beer, Joe watched a Trump rally on television. Then, he donated twenty dollars to Trump’s campaign – until Trump, he had never given money to any group other than the church, oh yea, he gave money to his wayward brother, but that’s it. The people at Trump rallies … seemed like him. Was he one of them? Was there still an American majority; a moral, silent majority? Where did these people come from anyway? He didn’t meet them at work. At church. In the park. At his kid’s school. But there they were. Millions of them. At a Trump rally.

    Trump himself … seemed a bit bizarre: New York City gazillionaire, crude and materialistic, acted more like the Jews that surrounded him than the Protestant he claimed to be. Married three times. Definitely didn’t go to church. There was nothing in Joe’s life that paralleled Trump’s. Once Joe saw a picture of Trump’s house on an online news site and thought it looked like a child’s silly fantasy of wealth, but whatever … Trump seemed to parrot his mind, and he liked the guy. A lot.

    Trump had a besieged, outsiderishness attitude, a take-no-prisoners anger toward society, Joe intuitively understood. It was a cry for a better America, when men were men and … well, you know. Trump had it in spades. That attitude. That fuck-you attitude toward the pretentious class that kept Joe down. That’s it, he thought. It’s us against them … real Americans against fake, immigrant, anti-God, greedy perverts like Pelosi, the guy on ABC news, his own governor, the principal of his kid’s school, even the new Lutheran pastor assigned to his church by the powers-that-be on Riverside Drive.

    It wasn’t about Trump, but about the people that supported Trump. That’s what was missing from his life. Commonality. Community. An extendedness toward others. A sense of solidarity. Oneness. Fraternizing at the Lion’s club, as his grandfather used to do. Church socials that were actually friendly and social, not obligatory. Fairness at work – getting ahead because he worked really hard and was better than the shlubs around him.

    What cinched the deal, for Joe, was how Trump’s supporters were on television picking up garbage after the rally. The place was clean. Sparkling clean. Nothing was broken. No vandalizing. No crude language. No pushing ahead in line. And … no trash. This was how America used to be … how it should be, thought Joe. He remembered how, in Cub Scouts, his troop would go into the city and paint over graffiti. In his neighborhood, there had been no graffiti – it was only in dirty cities, those “wholly other” places where bad people slept on benches and gutters, where tiny empty bottles of booze littered streets, and where people didn’t say “hello” or make eye contact. Cities were where Democrats lived. Filthy, sick-minded Democrats.

    When he grew up, those filthy Democrats came to HIS suburb, and ruined HIS job, and perverted HIS kid’s school, and put in THEIR man as the pastor of HIS church. Yes, THEY were ruining HIS life.

    Only Trump promised to do something about it.

    Well, not really. Trump didn’t exactly say he’d restore America to it’s pristine past, but he insinuated it, and everyone at his rallies seemed to think the same thing. They wanted an honest, fair, meritocratic, clean, and Christian America. Put God back in public school. Pray around the dinner table. Block parties. That sorta thing.

    Joe had caught both a vision of what he wanted life to be like and who was keeping him from having the life he wanted. He knew his enemy were Democrats. Filthy, ugly, urban, godless, crude, arrogant bigots, all of them. Anti-Christian bigots. The only thing that stood between him and these people was … the church.

    So, Joe began to pray. To read his Bible. In a rare moment of familial strength, he told his fat wife and feral kids they’d be going to a new church. From now on, they’d attend a non-denominational, evangelical church, where he met two people who had been at to a Trump rally. A men’s group met on Thursday mornings before work at this church. Joe attended. A women’s group met on Tuesday mornings at 10am, after the kids were dropped off at school. His fat wife attended it. The kids went to Awanas and hated it, but Joe didn’t listen to their whining. They went, too.

    Three years later, Trump’s reelection was a done deal, Joe thought. But as he voted, he worried that the electronic machines had been rigged. There was no way to tell. No assurance. Joe didn’t feel good about voting – would those dirty, urban democrats steal the election? Could they? He didn’t know, but as he watched television news, and their portrayal of men like him, he experienced, for the first time, an emotion akin to hatred. Those bastards! Those arrogant, lying bastards! Piles of unearned money, a voice on the television news … they didn’t merit any of this. They were whores. Political whores. They were sucking him dry with regulations, the fake virus (his church met anyway, and Joe was so proud!), and now … a fraudulent election.

    Joe knew Trump won. He just knew it.

    And he wasn’t going to take it anymore.

    My silly story ends here. I suppose you think, Ts, that Joe is just another roided-up idiot patriot. Fair enough. You have your opinion. I have mine. (Yours is wrong.) My make-believe Joe has tasted the sweetness of perceived fairness and honesty and just began to taste the power and joy of civil society, including church. He now knows what he’s missing..

    You think he’ll go back to being the old pre-Trump Joe, right? I don’t. I think Joe has been permanently changed by Trump years. For the better, actually. 75 to 90 million Joes out there voted for Trump. (I didn’t vote, btw.) To a man, they feel shafted and lied to. They know the enemy. Can finger it.

    Do you really think that the Joes won’t organize, not as white, but as Christians?
    Come on,

    Remember, religion trumps race.

    There’s so much more I want to write, but I’m out of time. Keep on writing. You’re great. I really enjoy your stuff.


    Kristen (and yea, that’s my real name.)


  2. Eloquent in its way but highly implausible, and illogical. Even assuming the basic thesis (which no evidence is provided for), how is Israel supposed to benefit re Iran with Biden-Harris rather than Trump-Pence? Iran will get a much easier ride now. And, those ‘better friends now’ are a joke, in just about every sense, at best. Practically entirely worthless, and worse. Revenge for the Holocaust? There’s been more than enough of that, overall, especially against whites, who are far from the only real responsibles (or rather broad successors thereof), and as much as America and the West suck, they are still Israel’s only real support in the world, without which, it is doomed, once it is sufficiently isolated from that support.

    Bibi especially would likely have wanted some heavy action against Iran, he is even far less likely to get it now. The scenario and method outlined above are not indicative of power or intelligence but their severe lack. It’s obvious enough though that some such elements wanted Trump as a dumb tool and patsy, who deliberately kept him from the sort of influence and guidance that could have benefitted both America/the West and Israel, now they will all pay a steep price for it. Crookedness ends only one way: badly. It’s inherent in the nature of things, to the highest level. Only those who really get that even begin to really qualify for direction of affairs, the rest will inevitably end up entangled in webs of their own spinning, sooner or later, as surely as 2+2=4.

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