How Trump Hacked his Way to a Second Term

China didn’t hack anything. Nor did Russia. Trump’s own team did.

No truly intelligent individual can stomach the possibility of the Democrats in power, and an old hand like Joe Biden knows this. He knows that his party’s pecuniary decrepitude has allowed it to be infiltrated, and a simple flip of the switch will result in a one-way trip to Gehenna.

Trump’s second term is an absolutely certainty.

As is Trump’s intent to militarily invade Venezuela, and topple the regime in Teheran, using all available means. Yes peaceniks, Trump will be a war president. He will unleash hell. He will open the gates of Armageddon.

His meddling in Caracas will result in a demographic tsunami that will do more to change the composition of America’s population in four years than the last four decades of Central American immigration.

War with Iran will see nuclear weapons devastating Eurasia.

Trump will not fight China kinetically. He will co-opt British “sovereignty” to reinvigorate a “New Commonwealth” + Japan+Taiwan+SK to bring the Middle Kingdom to heel.

The now unmoored Sceptred Isle will be an American puppet state wrecking the European project. For the continent (Germany and France), American political largess will come at the cost of plunging Russia into geopolitical capitulation.

A part of the QAnon story is real. An international Deep State (DeepStateRed), pro-Trump, with its nerve center running from Herzliya by way of the UK and ANZAC into the political heart of America, Washington DC where its dirty work is carried out by military numbskulls.

The participation of military men in the current #StopTheSteal is all over the social networks. Grunts have been carrying Trump’s water for some time. Lacking support in the civilian bureaucracy, Trump has taken military involvement in politics to a level not seen since the Civil War. Ironic for an “anti-war” president.

Starting in 2018, two forces, a very specific kind of international mafia for whom Trump’s family traditionally laundered money in New York, and military appointments made by Netanyahu within America’s DOD, initiated America’s current election scenario.

Following the already jaded trope of a “Digital Pearl Harbor” (imagined at least 10,000 times in the last 10 years), they masterminded a scheme to reset America’s political landscape and propel Israel towards the Eschaton. It is called the “Clean Slate” in contrast to the 2001 variant, “Clean Break.”

The likes of William Kristol and Robert Kagan may presently be in the Democrat camp, but core elements of the “neocon network” were central to Trump’s 2016 triumph, and one of the reasons Trump is morally obligated to pardon Julian Assange if he is to merit even a scintilla of long-term historical respect form his former voters.

The Clean Slate project was officially launched in 2018, and involved three broad strokes. The infiltration of the Democratic party. The co-opting of Antifa and BLM coupled with a hand’s off approach to their militant activity. An operation to entrap China in a complicated web of influence peddling in the United States, along with participation in key election fraud supply chains. Covid was complimentary. Designed by Ralph Baric, and spread by American intelligence in the Wuhan games.

Patrick Byrne is the faux public/private face of Clean Slate. The man behind Sidney Powell’s and Lin Woods legal dockets, Byrne maintains that Dominion machines were infected by a malware known as Qsnatch, and proffered the cynosure of the China-Did-It-Crowd with the observation that:

““There is code buried within the Dominion machines that has been turned up that seems to show Chinese provenance.”

“There are Chinese developers under the hood of this stuff back in China who are actually getting their software into the Smartmatic systems which have infiltrated at least two of the main voting systems used domestically.””

Byrne was born to the former CEO of GEICO, and his family fortune is hidden in Caribbean offshores. Warren Buffet was his personal mentor and life-long family friend. Byrne used to shag a Russian gun-rights activists which the deluded Russia-bashers on the Hill (DeepStateBlue) christened “Putin’s spy,” an affair which cost Byrne his business career.

Mrs. Powell, Byrne’s public patsy, is the most visible, least credible, and has the deepest ties to the American military of any of Trump’s dye-dripping has-been attorneys.

Before the paint was even given a chance to dry Mrs. Powell was banging on about how Venezuela, and long-deceased Hugo Chavez had robbed Trump of his presidency. She spoke of affidavits from Venezuelan generals to disguise her reliance on Patrick Byrne as the source for these preposterous allegations.

While Mrs. Powell insisted and continues to insist that Dominion is “really” Venezuela’s Smartmatic, she has to stick to her lines. Her homely eccentricity, like Giuliani’s sweat, are useful props to grab the attention of ill-wishing skeptics.

The owner of Dominion is Carlyle, and its previous corporate incarnation is known as Diebold and has absolutely no corporate ties to Smarmatic, a company established by wealthy Venezuelans who in order to secure a public tender from Hugo Chavez’s government had to partner with Venezuelan government funds.

In 2006 Chavez banned Smartmatic machines from Venezuela after having caught the company’s business founders plotting to unseat him.

Chavez never needed to steal anyone’s vote. His popularity and energy surpassed anything Trump could ever dream of, and the rich blood sucking owners of Smartmatic who tried to rig the election against him (!), skedaddled off to the Netherlands Antilles where CITCO, one of the largest custodians of Nylon hedge fund money held a controlling stake on behalf of George Soros.

Mrs. Powell, and Mr. Byrne know perfectly that these “Venezuelans” have absolutely nothing to do with Chavez, nor with Dominion, but the Clean Slate is as concerned with truth as the 9/11 committee was with Prince Bandar bankrolling its Saudi hijackers.

Historically Diebold and Smartmatic hate one another. Rivalry between a Republican company, and The Department of State, George Soros. The two share core technology which the entire industry is based on and which is also used by ES&S against whom no charges of voter fraud are being leveled although it has as many machines installed throughout America as Dominion does.

The reason Powell and Byrne insist on the Venezuela-Iran-China (and sometimes Russia) linkage is because this serves the foreign policy interests of Trump’s most important backers who set the Clean Slate plan into motion.

The DNC did engage in massive voter fraud. Trump won nearly 80 million popular votes, with Biden getting something near 67 million. Trump knew about the fraud before it happened. He has recordings of DNC’s role in the conspiracy, but as with most “sting” operations Trump’s “agents” were central to making it happen and those recordings don’t exist.

Since White are too stupid to grasp that our “high IQs” are not signs of evolutionary fitness, Blacks did the stealing, but it remained the highest IQ’s who allowed them to get away with it.

Everything from Hunter Biden’s dealings with Chinese companies (minor in comparison to the dealings Trump’s closest associates have with China!) to the manufacture of electronic voting components in China have been closely monitored, and encouraged by DeepStateRed, knowing that the attribution of malfeasance to China must be water-proof and on par with the annihilation of the useful idiots who carried out the actual theft in America.

By the time Trump renews his Presidential mandate, America’s political landscape will be altered beyond recognition. The minds of pundits and the cognoscenti will be reeling. The global media market will have undergone radical shifts that few outside of this plan can imagine.

All of this is a certainty.

Come 20th of January, what is being written here, will be taken for granted in stark contrast to the present emotional roller-coaster some yeshivaks and patriots are experiencing due to the supposed defeat of Trump.

Hark, and be not weary. You’ll get your Trump, along with a Final Solution to all of the world’s most pressing problems. Nothing does purges like a thousand years of a radioactivity spreading from the Middle East.

Whether Kushner can become the Messiah, is the only really interesting question.

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