It is White Privilege to Deny the Black Menace

White privilege exists. It is extreme. It is gratuitous. It is unlike any previously known forms of privilege this tiny planet of 200 million square miles (1/2 billion km sq) has ever seen, and it is a unique and uniquely oppressive privilege. It merits all the destruction the motley youpla of the anti-lock-down 2020 burning-man festivities can mete out.

Every statue, every film, every book, every gray-haired over-ripe passion fruit-like wrinkled testicular white face deserves to be shamed, shunted, and smashed. Abort your yuppie kids. Suicide the sucklings, board up your family +dog +cat +hamster in your over-carpeted ‘burban home and light yourselves on fire. Do everyone a favor, and just fucking DIE!

White Privilege is about to be Holocausted once and for all, and as a result Climate Change will slacken, kumbaya will melodiously unite what’s left of progressively darkened mankind (um…) things?, and the Earth will bloom as it did in its prime (sometime around the Cretaceous–Paleogene period near Chicxulub).

Sounds like a parody? A bit funny? The ramblings of antifa and BLM loonies?

It isn’t funny to the dead Whites in South Africa’s Mandela-topia, and it won’t be funny when the refrain is banging on your front door with a looted Husky hatchet, while you think it’s Pete the Boy Scout soliciting for donations.

The threat is real, as real as the White Privilege which feeds it. That insular, disconnected “post-racial” notion that one can dispense with one’s ancestry, one’s heritage, as one does with one’s gonads, at one’s own flatulent solipsistic wish. That repugnance successful Whites feel when having to admit that the person staring them in the mirror is White, and is considered White by every police officer having to fill out a victim report, every hood-habitant mugging them without first politely inquiring if they are gay, Jewish, Greek, Lebanese, or from Porcelain Suburbville.

Every Mixtec lawn-trimmer who doesn’t know that Greenberg and Rothstein are synonyms for shlemiel, sees the majority of the Tribe as White.

The rapists from Algeria doesn’t ask a mudshark if she’s a feminist or anti-Trump before popping her woke cherry.

White Privilege is the special ability of Whites and Whites only, to  get away with duping themselves about the heritability of their parents racial package. and it comes with a dangerous and corrosive corollary, that all those races and ethnics legally recognized as “minorities” with their La Razas, NAACPAs, infinite hydra of representative associations, are to be “protected,” are to be “respected,” are to be pandered to, pampered, and listened to, are to be treated as invalids, weaklings, quaint atavists in need of cuddling, loving, and flattering imitation (whiggers, cucks, SJW, wonker-wokers.).

Those poor Laquannas a Dikembes, they can organize around skin tonality, but Whitey, in the name of the All Migthy, never can.

Blacks have gripes, and historical exploitation on their side. Whites have endless credit from Bank of America, and ten mortgages thanks to their blue eyes. Shutting up and paying lip service to the Grievance Gravy Train is the least they can do knowing it doesn’t spoil the kool-aid.

White Privilege is essentially the Privilege to Ignore One’s Own Whiteness. Only Whites have the privilege to either completely ignore the importance of Whiteness to themselves,  or to present it in a distinctively negative manner to both other Whites and non-Whites alike.

White privilege is the cognitive yuckiness Whites feel when asked to identify with Whiteness in anything other than self-effacement, abounding in both the cerebral and crack-head Whites who eagerly scapegoat all of the world’s ills on those who look like them, but from whose loyalties they assume themselves exempt for reasons their febrile minds find compelling, i.e. homosexuality, Jewishness, immigrant parents, anatomy of their labias, progressive vote, pandering to Blacks and illegals, imagined Nazi history, etc.  

These are the self-confident self-assured “successful” I-have-thousand-followers/readers types. The scribblers/vbloggers of the journalistic and internet varieties, where even the “alt-right”  HBD/Transhumance variant sings the “I’m not White” tune. The “My IQ is so high I don’t need to worry about the lower-classes since my income is guaranteed by merit,” idiots conflating their fantasies with their reality, suggesting that the very subjective margin Whites enjoy in trivializing race in their everyday lives, is the very essence of their racial privilege.

It partly sounds like BNL’s refrain because BNL is pwned by White Privilege. BNL never serve Black interests.  From its first days it was but the handmaiden of White elites intent on entrenching their Privilege as immutably and irretrievably as possible. White Privilege is Whites denying they are White, because they lap up the contents of a scrotum which happens to be Black, but which they are emptying on their own elite terms, and to their own elitist delight.

 To the darker folk out there, the privilege Whites enjoy is inaccessible and incomprehensible. A Black or Asian can’t even conceive of his race being a “construct,” let alone of those he despises or is jealous of.

Just imagine, just try imagining a Jamaican creole pretending to have no race. An Ethiopian, or Korean doing the same.

If it’s hard to imagine, it’s because it doesn’t happen. Whites, and only Whites, are capable of this exceptional, and exceptionally stupid feat, underpinned by exceptional economic status, which allows for such social insularity that everything in a White person’s world is fungible, optional, and subjective. One foot in Rust, another in woke-topia sexual dysphoria. Reality and a practical sense of survival, are cordoned off by suburba-topia. The freedom of elite Whites to discard their Whiteness and make-believe that only others are bound by their group identity is rooted in the economic reality of the White middle classes.  Those  humans whose cheeks don’t ruddy up, live on a planet constrained by their melanin levels, pubic anatomy, by an abysmally poor imagination,  unwholesome diet, un-diversified professional skills, low mean income, bland living spaces, and poor social conditions.

Regardless of their place on the political, religious, and cultural spectrum, Whites of the middle and higher-class variety overwhelmingly believe that race terms do not personally apply to them while readily describing the White undertow  as populated by “White Trash,” “Neo-Nazis,” “White Supremacists,” “juggalos” and meth-heads.

Psychologially,  Impeccable Whites don’t want to be White, but are eager to define their failed relatives, i.e. failure as such, with Whiteness. In speaking of “Whites” the Impeccables do so in reference to “others” who just happen to look exactly like themselves, but are somehow, magically, completely unrelated because they are written-off as deplorables, rubes, racists, or Nazis.

Whites dehumanize other Whites by attacking the Whiteness of those whose lives are patent failures inversely to the empathy they redirect on genetically unrelated Blacks and immigrants. This way they transcend the primitive tribal affiliation which their social status implicitly disparages. Dangerously, these Whites drive a coalition of Chinese, Mexicans, Angolans, Khoisans, Tamils, and Japanese bound together solely by its disparagements of Whiteness.

The impeccables fear physical confrontation and the social milieu in which it is rife. They direct all their productive efforts to avoiding membership in a White undertow defined by a skin color to which they can’t afford to feel any sympathy, and which is exceptional in the total lack of sympathy it enjoys from any corner of the world (it’s not like Putin or Bolsonaro stands up for “Whites).  Were the impeccables to extend sympathy to their own kind, they would risk having to square off against Blacks, Hispanics, and Asians whose own  racial solidarity predisposes them to protective violence.

To succeed as a White person means to transcend Whiteness as a category in which one is classed, something no other group  of Whites achieves as distinctly as Jews.

Jews are at the pinnacle of the White Privilege pyramid. The vast majority of America’s Jews are racially lily White. In some communities nearly one out of two Jews has blue or gray eyes, and nearly 70% of the world’s most prominent Jews, are unambiguously White.

Ask a Jew if he or she is “White,” be they a Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Communists, anarchists, Zionists, or on the alt-right or paleo-right, and the answer is a resounding “Hell No,” an hour long shiur, evasive jokes, or half-baked “I’m half-White.”

The trite “Why Jews are not White” headlines in Tablet Mag or die Forverts, are, unfortunately, representative of nearly all Jews. Even the most intellectually original are no exception. Even ones pounding out diatribes defending Western Civilization and “Whiteness” refuse  assiduously, and find it repugnant to identify themselves as “Whites.” You think you’ve quit the Chosen, but that’s just your sales pitch in the right political quarters, and yes, it takes one to know one.

That Jews, the biggest beneficiaries of the altruism and Christian guilt complex of our White, but un-Chosen relatives, are the single biggest source of venom and vilification of non-Jewish Whites, isn’t a secret. For the last seventy years mainstream Jewish celebrities in America and Europe have been at the forefront of the attempt to annihilate Whiteness.

Partly an understandable reaction to the Holocaust, partly a childish short-sighted one, Jews attacked those who were always dearest and closest to them (and without whom the Holocaust would literally have succeeded), because that’s the rule with family disputes.

Jews bankrolled the Civil Rights movement, and were single- handedly responsible for defining Whiteness as a uniquely Evil, uniquely negative category. As a result, a Jew has to literally become a Nazi, and to deny his Jewishness, when admitting to being White (think Weev).

After years of receiving tens of millions of dollars from the Ford Foundation, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, and Tides foundations Black Lives (don’t) Matters has been taken over by Antifa.

In the 1920s French Jews founded Antifa on the basis of LICA (today LICRA), and have remained its primary financial backers right up to George Floyd’s fortunate death. Soros, Lewis, Singer, and Steyer, are just some of the Jewish fat-cats who have assured that Antifa fanatics took over BLM, in exactly the same manner that Joel Spingarn took over the NAACP in the 1920s, or Julian Dray took over SOS Racisme under Mitterande in the 1980s.

As the ultimate form of White Privilege Jewishness is the freedom to deny shared ancestry with a larger group to the benefit of a small exclusive one, in what is an dumb-ass  disregard for the safety of Jews and of all others among whom Jews live. If anyone was to ever care for and nurture the relationship between they goyim and the goy Israel with the purpose of not provoking genocidal persecution of the latter, don’t ask the rabbis for their opinion – they never gave it.

Jewishness is the ultimate form of White Privilege, and embodies its most extreme form, and is the reason Jews were, and remain at the forefront of basking in White Privilege while simultaneously fanning the flames of hatred for it. A schizoid duality which defines White Privilege all the way from the top of its pecking order  (Jews), right down through to the clown-paint sodomizing  homophobes fobbing off to tranny porn wearing totous in front of their besmirtched laptops.

Homosexual males, i.e. those who dominate the Alphabet people (“LGTB…XYZ”) and through them our social norms, come in second to the White Privilege of Jews.

Apparently tossing other’s salad or regularly eating your best mate’s yogurt transcends their biological ancestry just as the Tuscan and Anatolian mDNA of Jews transcends ours.

Gays breed via proxies or steal other’s children through proselytizing, so one can’t blame them for the mental degeneracy their sexual wantonness engenders. When you’ve basically dis-invested from honest procreation you become a short-term hedonistic parvenu whose self-interest is circumscribed by the excrudescence of your own limbs.

The likelihood that a White gay male will identify as White in a positive sense,  is slightly higher than a Whiter-than-White Jew, but the LGTB(BS) people are now at the forefront of waging war on Whitey and defining White Privilege as the right to humiliate White children for refusing to bare or mutilate their genitalia.

As befits a demented and hysterical people, the Acronym Crew have taken White bashing to its extreme. They work off a Jewish template as many of them are Jewish boomers and millenials (i.e.  Glenn Greenwald). They’ve made sex a pillar of White bashing, and sex is where the cunts come in.

The White variety, both the know-it-all Karens and their Red-neck meth sisters are loath to speak of their Whiteness, but get them started on vaginas, or about their soccer-mom club anti-racist initiatives, and you get an ear-full.

Lyndon B. Johnson managed the Copperfiled-like feat of classifying the “Fair Sex” as “minorities,”  inducting  the likes of Janine McCain who devours White Privilege like she devours the content of a fridge at 2AM into the Brotherhood Sisterhood the hood of Victim-hood America.

Unlike their ancestors, these bitches shave. Their Whiteness beams from every fold of their adipose tissue. Unlike their ancestors they apparently shave parts of their brains along with their follicles, for when it comes to Whiteness, they, like the Alphabet and Chosen types, regard it as uniquely Evil.

When privileged Whites speak of Whiteness, it is exclusively in the negative. The phrase “Straight White Male Christian,” reveals that Gays (” straight”), women (“male”) and Jews ( “Christian”) do more to define White Privilege than the miserly Black contribution (“White”), which is the only one to be made looking from the bottom up, while the bipolar Gays, women, and Jews, define White Privilege from its very pinnacle.

With rare exceptions Blacks, Hispanics, and Asians do not enter the American economy on their own terms or on terms which allow them the illusion of having no ancestry. They cannot pretend to be individuals, because Whites, and specifically Jews, Gays, and White women, deny them this privilege having gamed the legal definitions of “minorities” to their privileged favor.

Whether it be for left-wing Whites or right-wing Whites, Blacks, Hispanics, and Asians are nothing but social tokens in the White Privilege economy. The very ones who deny their own racial dimensions, Whites are incapable of relating to non-Whites with anything other than the racial dimension, belying either inconsistency or excessive hypocrisy in Whites ostensible post-racialism.

Ostensibly, no race is less racist than Whites. Blacks top the charts where obsession with skin-color is concerned. In reality, some part of Black racial obsessiveness is engendered by the racial schitzophrenia of White Privilege.

A simple test can demonstrate this.

The only people who cannot pronounce the word nigger even in private are privileged Whites. They refer to it as the “N-word.” They are clowns populating the elite circuit of the economy.  They will die of shame if they are caught saying “nigger” in their immediate family, and they will vomit venom and flee like the plague (Corona) any relatives they catch saying it.  

All other races, and lower class Whites can say “nigger” in private, with relatives or in their own groups, without feeling crippling guilt or shame.

Those who cannot pronounce “nigger” in public, are not Black.

Those who can pronounce it in public to their heart’s delight, are.

Everyone else is in between.

Race is not a construction, and niggers ensconced in the mouths of non-existent Whites are eternal and omnipresent proof of that “non-existent” Whiteness!

Individuals who speak of race as a construction, specifically where race based grievances are discussed, are inevitably White. Since many Latinos, Arabs, and Indians partake in such discussion, it implies that Whiteness in its North American definition is restrictive and unrealistic. Many men and women from temperate climate zones, and southern hemispheres are genetically Caucasoid, and classify as White. Their own behavior reveals their own thoughts on the matter, but since Whiteness is a uniquely negative phenomenon,  anyone identifying as White is either economically and socially déclassé,  mentally an extremist, a deluded Hindu from the sub-continent, or an assimilated immigrant with Nazi sympathies.

True multiculturalism presumes that Whites, like other races and groups, can be part of society on their own terms, and not merely those who despise them.

The negativity of Whiteness is the mainstay of all political reasoning in the modern world. It is the world’s first truly global political ideology. There isn’t a country in the world, not a leader in the world, whose political career doesn’t’ depend on avoiding Whiteness as anything but a negative term.

For all its vaunted progressive credentials, there is nothing in the post-Frankfurt Left that is not based on the rabid rejecting of Whiteness. Third Worldism, the Global South are just the most obvious proponents dependant on the rejection of Whiteness but there is not a single mainstream political party or leader in the world who has attempted to speak of Whiteness and Whiteness in neutral or positive terms.

Trump is no different. He speaks of Americans and inclusiveness in the typical White privilege pattern, with no mention of Whites, ever, at all.

Putin, Orban, no one of any note except the niece of Marine Le Pen, have taken a stand. They all bask in White Privilege.

On the cusp of the third millennium, in a world in which every household is connected to every other, human cognition has been rolled back to the stone-age by its visceral opposition to a single color, and the people who bear it. The hatred this opposition presumes, mobilizes terrifying forces of genocide.

Some yearn for it. Revenge for Holocausts. Revenge for slavery. Revenge for their own impotence. Revenge for one’s own unlucky aspect, skin-tone, flared nostrils.

Blacks don’t do gassing or organized murder. They are spontaneous. They chop, cleave, humiliate, they butcher and murder orgiastically, across decades, years, minutes.

As long as the world’s leading thinkers, be they nominally Alt-Right or Alt-Left, and the whole center in between, be they at Taki’s Mag, Rebel Media, Breitbart, the Blaze, Newsmax, the Unz Review, Counter Punch, Dissident News,  MintPress, not to mention all the mainstream dailies, remain incapable of accepting their own Whiteness or of their colleagues on anything but negative terms,  the genocide is a few years, if not months away.

The most prominent Jewish voices with these publications, often ardent defenders of  Western civilization, and even Whiteness itself, find impossible to acknowledged their own Whiteness. That sense of being a Jew among the goyim simply never goes away, even for those who claim to no longer be Jewish or who believe themselves bereft of the lingering tribal alliance.  

The riots of 2020 are the final call. A heterodox movement instigated by corona lockdowns, fed by police appeasement, it has garnered attention in Brazil, South Africa, Poland and Russia without a single mainstream media outlet in these or any country in the entire world admitting that opposition to Whiteness is at the core of the movement and its violence.

Nowhere has a single journalist pointed out the need of Whites to step out of their bubble, and jettison the Privilege of having a uniquely negative grasp of Whiteness, let alone begin to organize for their self-preservation. Netflix and the BBC are removing content. Statues are toppled. Streets are renamed. Unbent Whites are being pummeled in front of petrified police. Batshit crazy libtards willingly bend their knees.

To most normal people, BLM resembles an animal rights movement, and would inevitably collapse if not for the White leadership driving it forward.

Internationally states will respond by minimizing African immigration, and many observers are hoping that the Covid19 will devastate the animals’ ranks. Whatever are the developments to come, it is unlikely that things can ever return to normal for Atlantic littoral states.

The race which pulled human kind out of the mud-hut is essential to maintaining the vibrancy of an economy its ancestors fashioned, where the role of African Slave labor’s was as marginal as Africa’s role is in today’s global economy. It is a historical eye-sore, but nothing that holds a candle to the structural importance of non-African slavery to the Eurasian economy of the 19th century.

The results of annihilating the White race is one undifferentiated Congo spanning the world. Climate change will accelerate. Genocides will increase. Barbarism of the most unimaginable kind will reappear (slavery, polygamy, pedarasty). The patriarchy of the warlord will make the patriarchy of the house-lord look like a Golden Age of Gender Equality.

Destroy White Privilege, and you might, you just might stimulate Whites to reinvest into the civilization project, so that not all is lost, and there remains a chance for the Asians and Latino’s to catch up, if not supersede Whites.

As BLM demonstrates, even with two hundred and fifty million dollars of financing from America’s leading corporations, something in the genetic makeup of too many Blacks doesn’t lend itself to anything other than sports and tom toms. The longer the world perpetuates the illusion that this isn’t so, the longer it plays with its own self-destruction.

The racist assumption made by Whites, Asians, and Hispanics, that Blacks are plush toys to be petted, pandered to, and protected, is the assumption of either those who live in bubbles, like progressive Jews and homosexuals, or of outright cucks with a death-wish.

It is a great disrespect to blacks and the height of racism, to ignore their successful evolutionary strategy of contesting social and political power. Blacks are not weak. They do not need protection from anyone, least of all the purported racism of Whites. They have taken the earnings of supposedly “high-IQ” groups (who apart from talking about their IQs are pathetic non-entities) by playing up victimhood to such an extreme as to make Jews look like rookies.

With simple threats and short-term impulsiveness Blacks have gone from being a mere 5% of the global population in 1900 to perhaps 1/3 in twenty years time. They did so off the back of middle class White labor, which provided the vaccines, the humanitarian food, and television screens, not to mention fawning enthusiasm and dreams of Wakanda (created by Kirby and Lee – even for their fantasies Black are indebted to Whites and Jews).

To speak of Blacks as Victims is the height of preposterousness and a suicidal derivative of patronizing White Privilege. At the rate with which Blacks rape, assault, and murder others, a full on genocide has been perpetrated by them from the moment Whites turned the other cheek, and will not stop, until Rwanda-like there are no more White left, leaving the field to less naive contenders.

It is still too early to expect Jews, homos, White females, and White college students to change their tune about their own Whiteness. The structural racism which underpins White’s success continue to isolate them  from the consequence of solipsistic post-racial fantasies.

If Whites are lucky, political forces which instrumentalise anti-White racism will successfully convey to Whites the highly competitive nature of Blacks and use the riots to destroy the White Privilege blinding us to the nature of Blacks.

For millennia the only export of Africa was its own people. Whites partook in this for a mere 300 years. For millennia a coarse, unfeeling culture of cruelty and viciousness has come to define a good portion of the black mind-set. “Savage” and “barbaric” are not the right terms. There is a powerful vigor to the Black mind. It is the vigor of the predator, and predation is what defines Blacks. Blacks evolved by capturing, torturing, and humiliating one another. They sure as hell will do this to anyone who doesn’t understand them, and who lacks a proper sense of self-preservation.

Jews may find it repulsive to admit their own Whiteness, because there is a calculation in the back of our minds that we will somehow remain the master of the Dark Forces. Our calculations are as jejune as were those of the 1930s when our communist affiliation made us feel unbeatable. The same impunity and cluelessness of the period is what prevents our exceptional minds from being properly applied to the crises of our day and age.

To assume that Blacks would be so stupid as to not see who calls the shots and who is at the top of the pyramid, is White Privilege taken to the extreme. The Holocaust was the result of one such miscalculation. It shouldn’t take a rerun to remind us what kind of stupidly such hubris can produce. Blacks are not controllable. Appeasement never works with predators, only severe punishment does. Whites created the modern world. With it meritocracy and law and order.

Meritocracy is only as good as one’s policing. The coronavirus provoked hysteria amongst the hysterical classes, and resulted in police overstretch, but any concession to BLM is a concession to lawlessness and hard choices have to be made.

High-IQ wankers inherited their income from their momies helicopter parenting, along with a silver plated spoon. Once a black fist lands in their “intelligent” physiognomy, they are either already past their sex-change surgery or they are homeless bums typing out that “Great American Novel” under a bridge.  

Either anti-White coalitions continue to push the limit on the destruction of Whites, in which case homosexuals and White women end up with intolerance and persecution like they’ve never dreamt of, once the race who birthed them is choked off by their inability to outgrow their your adolescence, or they  can all tone it down.  The more BLM let’s its fists lose, the better for the conversion factor.

Don’t be fooled by the opinion polls. The numbers of Whites who support BLM are close to ten percent. Latinos are notorious nigger-haters. Asians are pro-White. Keep the fists flying animals so you can  bring apartheid back into fashion, and make segregation inevitable.

The Latinos, and Asians, and Arabs spoiling for White death – tone it down. You  exist off the backs of the tolerance and disinterest of White men. Don’t push your luck. The structural racism is what has given you Gucci, PlayStation, and Jeeps and Toyotas. Burn it all down, and you’ll be back in the sewers you came from.

Join the project, don’t destroy it. Become White, not Black. Destroy White Privilege by letting Whites be as proud of their heritages as you are of yours.

Ideally, Jewish intellectuals need to make the first step. Otherwise if the Blacks don’t get us, what’s left of everyone else (including Whites), will.

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