Covid-19 made in a Lab? Ask Gilead and Baric.

The question of the novel coronavirus’ origins is easy to answer: what is its first known scientific identification? What is the first published description of its structure, and when did it take place?

Sophisticated bioinformatic modeling of SARS-CoV-2’s  possible evolutionary history is  completely irrelevant without this its first medical identification.

The raison d’etre of all ambitious scientists is to be the first to discover something, a new planet, particle, plant, bug, virus, or the geometry of a speck of dust. Every PhD on the planet dreams of lead authorship on a Nature published article describing the DNA, RNA, physiology, or habits of this or that previously unknown amoeba, bacillus, or novel chemical polymer, with the reward being a Nobel prize and getting a crater, or a creepy-crawly to carry one’s surname.

In 2015 American scientists predominantly from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, working together with colleagues from Harvard and Wuhan, the American FDA, and Gilead Sciences, altered the genetic properties of an S-protein on a Corona strain. They published their findings in a 2015 paper. No work prior to this paper, documents the current novel coronavirus with its tell-tale furin driven HIV orthologs (furin = PRRAR , TMPRSS2  and gp120).

Unless evidence to the contrary emerges, it becomes a fact that the “discovery” of the virus which causes Covid-19 is attributable to this group of researchers. Ralph S. Baric was its leader, and described without any inhibition how he took what appears to be a natural strain of a bat virus, and altered its properties by adding HIV strains to its Spike Protein. He did this while speculating about a possible jump from bats to humans of an analogous mutation to be expected from nature, and in 2016 pointed out the danger to humans of such “evolution.” Baric’s namesake laboratory claims direct responsibility for the development of Gilead’s Redemsvir anti-Corona drug (via Timothy Sheahan) as a result of a massive collaboration between academia, government, and industry. In his own words:

“We generated and characterized a chimeric virus expressing the spike of bat coronavirus,” making it the mutant that is ravaging  the nerves and fragile psyches of the planet.

The original virus that Baric manipulated in his team’s 2015 work,  was provided by a team of Chinese scientists which claimed its discovery in a 2013 Nature article.  All were employees of the Center for Emerging Infectious Diseases in Wuhan, China, and their  original coronavirus strain lacked the dangerous HIV derived peptides.

As one internet savant quipped about the question of Baric’s role in creating SARS-CoV-2, what are the chances that nature waited for 4 million years of evolution to catch up with something made in a laboratory only 4 years ago?

Until scientist, experts or authorities can demonstrate that the current strain of the novel coronavirus was identified previous to Baric’s 2015 manipulation, which involved the introduction of furin cleavage sites on HIV ortholog glycoprotein there is not a shred of evidence that SARS-CoV-2  in its present infectious form emerged naturally, following the laws of evolution, from a host population of bats, or intermediary vector species.

As such, some of its complexity and unpredictable behaviors fall into the domain of artificial selection, with which humanity has little experience in the epidemiological domain.

Corona’s pathogenicity remains baffling and incomprehensible, while understanding people’s immune reactions is in its infancy. No government bothered with serological testing of asymptomatics and the under-30s. As antibodies are not required to gain immunity to the virus the only possible measure of herd immunity would have been randomized sample population testing from onset of pandemic. These were never performed. Increasingly, it is becoming probable that any long-term human immunity to Covid-19 derives from B-cell copies of N-proteins. Antibodies to Spike proteins cannot confer such immunity.

Not a single government performed the most commonsense tests, and as a result countries enforcing lock-downs and mask wearing are in for a nasty surprise. Without population-wide natural virulation they are stuck with policies which exacerbate Covid’s virulance, and will result in increased mortality once restrictions can no longer be maintained. A further question no one (!) has asked about the relationship between treatment and immunity, is whether various antivirals, anti-influenza, and assorted products prevent, improve, increase, or block acquired immunity? Does Ivermectin or hydro-chloroquine treatment preempt it or does it facilitate its emergence?

A vicious media frenzy whipping up fear and hysteria is crushing the morale of humanity. Confined to closed spaces, devoid of natural socialization, faced with repressive police measures from frustrated, stressed, and off-their-leash police forces, people’s immune systems are faltering in ways that weaken, rather than strengthen our inevitable need to submit to a virus from which hiding is a mere deferral.

The withdrawal of many doctors from face-to-face consultation, often explained by the age of practitioners, means that for the first time in history victims of various diseases, including influenza, pneumonia, and covid-19 are left to fend for themselves, unless reaching a critical state by which time a trip to the hospital is tantamount to an all expense paid visit to a morgue.

The cowardice of doctors outside of hospital practice (from which many would also flee if they could), along with politicians whose policies exacerbate this cowardice, is sufficient to explain the massive divergence in fatalities between countries like Germany, where private doctors remain accessible to the general public and see their patients face to face, and shit-holes like France, where the Benguiguis and Tobuls (common surnames of doctors in Paris) have fled to their country residences. America’s MD’s have reacted in both the German and French manner, to which the country’s patchy results with battling Covid-19 are a testament.

The lingering symptoms of Covid-19 after hospital discharge suggest psychotic stress. Cases of post-discharge deaths, where swab tests were corona-negative, are the result of noxious hospital conditions.

In Asia, where some cases of re-admittance for Covid-19 have occurred, the picture of potential reinfection is blurred by the inconsistency of testing protocols, noting that nasopharyngeal samples are the first to show absence of Covid-19,  while blood and fecal demonstrate its persistence. Corona lasts longest in the bowels and fecal mater, but it may be biologically inactive there. Readmission most likely doesn’t indicate re-infection, but inconsistency in testing technique  and the potential intractability of symptoms only  incidentally related to Covid-19.

The details of the persistence of Covid-19 symptoms past hospital discharge (that is, isolation of Corona RNA in patients) is not something Asian countries shared with the world, belying a lack of media freedom in Asian populations, or the lack of language skills among Western journalists and editors.

Reddit pages, rather than journalists, leaders,  and doctors, have become the lifeline for recovering patients facing a disease reality ignored by a death-obsessed media. Academic studies have yet to assuage those who two months after doctors no longer detect corona in their mucus, are still partly invalids from what were supposedly “moderate” cases of infection.

Covid-19 is puzzling on immunity, communicability, and persistence, and its pathology, in the susceptibility of high-end athletes to severe infections is no exception.

Infections in healthy, or athletic individuals often overlook a history of protein and steroid use, as well as the fact that high-end athletes are technically not healthy individuals across their lifespans. By age 40 most suffer from chronic diseases masked by performance enhancers.

Marijuana, vaping, and a slew of other habits may contribute to poor immunity reactions in otherwise healthy individuals, although they seldom result in fatalities, like comorbidities of which obesity (not just diabetes!) – is a lifestyle disease chosen by individuals, industries, and governments.

The penchant of otherwise intelligent people to confuse deaths on the job, with on the job infection, reveals the decrepitude of intelligence when bereft of emotional stability. It is not because a store employee or a police officer die on the job, that he or she had been infected there.  Most severe Covid-19 cases originate with relatives in a domestic setting, followed by hospital exposure. Many dying on the job, or claimed as job deaths, leave behind families and partners, which are unambiguously the source of their infection. The use by teachers unions, journalists, politicians, and wannabe scientists and failed medical students of these deaths to score Twitter/Facebook points is criminal.

The ability to crack the complexity of novel coronavirus is impeded by the mental instability of high-IQ individuals, by the cowardice of experts and general populations, but laboratory manipulation, and  chimerical status, is perhaps its objective cause.

Evidence does point to the very real possibility that the novel coronavirus was artificially grafted in a laboratory with HIV derived molecules, and not subject to natural selection. Had it undergone the test of bat, rat, dog, or human bodies prior to experiments in a laboratory it would not have caused the global pandemic.


Gilead Science’s stock shot up 8% on the news that its “Baric lab” designed drug Redemsivir exhibited positive test results in hospital studies, even if its actual test history is patchy to say the least. Together with Japan’s Favipiravir and Avigan (both made by Fuji), Redemsivir gives false hope to stock markets and big pharma.

All three drugs pale in efficiently to the preventive use of hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin, but do promise fat corporate profits, and do not require functional medical systems, i.e. are attractive in the current  situation in which patients can’t access general practitioners (MDs, i.e. “doctors”) services.

With its penchant for Biblical references,  (Gilead is a word plucked from the Bible – a  balm ,  the “redem” in Redemsivir sounds like “Redemption” …at least for stock markets) Gilead wasn’t turning a profit for 14 years, until Donald Rumsfeld became its Chairman.

Bush’s Secretary of War didn’t study biology in Princeton, but he sat on Gilad’s board since 1988, and had nearly ten years of previous experience running a sizable pharmaceutical company. Whitney Webb points to a link between Gilead, Rumsfel, and Philip Zack who partook in some strange shenanigans with anthrax in the run up to the Iraq invasion.

Gilead’s current CFO spent ten years at Lazard, running the bank’s investments in healthcare. Major shareholders are Vanguard and Blackrock, with a minor presence of Renaissance Technologies where James Simons and Robert Mercers battled it out during the presidential election in 2017.

Gilead’s board includes George Schultz, the omnipresent Reagan insider, Secretary of State and member of Stanford’s neocon Hoover institution which sends a second Gilead board member – John Cogan with his long career working with Schultz and other presidents in USGOV.

Trump’s claims that China had produced the novel coronavirus in a failed attempt to imitate an American experiment comes on the back of FBI arrest of several Chinese scientist central to a collaboration between Harvard and the same Wuhan institute which provided Baric with the original coronavirus strain on which he performed his laboratory experiments.

Charles Lieber, the head of Harvard’s collaboration with Wuhan, a recipient of prestigious medical prizes in Israel, was also arrested by the FBI.   

Israeli spy/scientist Dany Shoham was the first to publicly claim that Covid-19 was a deliberate attack by China against the West. In early 2000, Shoham was the first to spread  anti-Saddam anthrax propaganda. Shoham recently worked at the New Delhi-based Institute for Defence Studies and Analysis, the city where  Indian scientist first identified  a relationship between HIV and the novel coronavirus.

Seeing that Trump’s charges against China are spread by the  “faux alternative media” circuit of Infowars and Breitbart, and the sell-out mainstream media led by Fox,  Trump’s charges against China no doubt bear some ground in truth.

Because American scientists were behind the creation of the novel coronavirus in collaboration with Gilead since 2015, a company which is now marketing a “miracle” drug Redemsvir, it is unlikely that Trump’s anti-China charges lack evidence.

As with all successful statecraft, China will take the fall for what is likely to be merely a partial responsibility, skillfully manipulated by America’s foreign policy establishment to suit the Deep State’s national security interests. Concessions on trade, international politics, many genuinely needed, will be the costs exacted from  a politburo outmaneuvered in the court of global opinion; Wuhan, the poster child of modern China, a metaphorical castration of its prowess.

China certainly played a part in the creation of the novel coronavirus, but it is unlikely to carry more responsibility for the subsequent pandemic than Ralph Baric, his colleagues, Gilead Sciences, and America’s intelligence agencies. Certainly not more than stupid policy responses, cowardly doctors, overheating ventilators, the hysterical predisposition of intellectuals, the ignorance of the uncouth masses, and the triumph of the police state that are the real drivers of  Covid-19 fatalities.

June 2021 update:

Prior to Ralph Baric’s grafting of a chimeric Spike Protein to the nucleocapsid of a Coronavirus using HIV pseudotyping, Coronaviridae S-proteins were not a source of viral potency. Baric did not invent pseudotyping nor was he the first to muck about with the Coronavirus family. His breakthrough came from a highly specific HIV pseudotyping which resulted in improved S-protein fusion with the human ACE-2 receptor. This may be the precursor or even the original Covid-19 strain, and should be refereed to as the Covid-19 “pseudovirus.” Populations are now being coerced into infecting their bodies with synthetic mRNA derivatives mimicking some of the more potent glycoproteins of HIV. These are toxins, and cannot confer anything but extremely short-lived immunity. It is more than likely that “booster” shots of such material will result in increased mortality due to inflammation. Such “vaccines” cannot confer any lasting immunity to future coronavirus infections, instead they will function as enhancers of future pathogenicity for any Coronavidae infection, including those flues in which this family is traditionally found (about 25% of every flu).

second June 2021 update:

Where furin is concerned, it makes no difference if your ribosomes are hijacked by synthetic messenger ribonucleic acid, or if the spike protein is introduced exogenously.

3 thoughts on “Covid-19 made in a Lab? Ask Gilead and Baric.

  1. Sir, you are absolutely correct. It was Baric at the UNC. The virus escaped in February 2016, as documented through a FOIA published by Propublica. Could you please take my research and deliver it to a investigative news reporter to write an article and expose this genocide for Wall Street profits ? China staged the Wuhan outbreak as agreed with Trump in his last months of mandate not to hurt the US economy during his term, but Obama had already a pandemic plan which he deliver to Trump. Trump decided differently, postponing the pandemic until 2020. I’ve gathered a lot of evidences to corroborate these claims and I’m being censored on Twitter. Could I have your help to unmask the perpetrators of this genocide for Wall Street profits and to implement a new world order – the great reset?


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