Notre Dame Was No Accident

“Conspiracy Theories about the Notre Dame Fire are already beginning to Spread” punned the new Statesman.

“The cause of the Notre Dame Cathedral fire remains unknown. Everything else is a rumor” chimed USA Today.

“Social media platforms ‘failed to counter Notre Dame fire misinformation'” the Guardian grumbled.

Roughly speaking, here is a crude timeline of the Notre Dame Fire:

6:50 pm, fire is acknowledged. 7:00 pm, an “accident” is suspected.   8:00 pm, all malfeasance is completely excluded.  8:15 pm, an error by a construction worker is suggested. 8:30 pm,skeptics are slandered as “quarrelsome”.

[original:”18h50 l’incendie de #NotreDame est déclaré  19h00 la piste accidentelle est privilégiée 20h00 toute malveillance est totalement exclue 20h15 la négligence d’un ouvrier est avancée 20h30 les sceptiques sont dénoncés et qualifiés de #polémistes”]

Before the flames were put out the government already knew the cause. Not terrorism, not arson, not deliberate. Macron visited the site, gave a speech, and it was all declared an accident.

Journalists reported that it was the head of the firefighter units who aired this conclusion. A conclusion never substantiated by any evidence, fact, or argument. Gabriel Plus, the spokesman for the firemen, an employee of the French state, a Lieutenant-colonel gave the “accident” theory further currency. The little man follows his orders, and Macron knows how to dangle pay increases and promotion.

Journalists follow the littlest of men. In France the Fifth Estate is a notorious lackey of left-wing governments (the situation was its polar-opposite under Sarkozy). Not one presstitute chose to question Lieutenant Plus, but as the quotes at the top of this article show, many a scribbler spilled oceans of ink libeling people with brains and asking questions as “conspiracy mongers”.

Until the Millenials came to town, the Cathedral of Notre Dame has withstood 800 years of heated political and social upheaval. Previous generations knew how to jab, but they didn’t hit below the belt of the sacred. Paris never knew the kind of Great Fires that devastated Lisbon, London, and San Francisco, but it has seen a few monuments go up in smoke.

In 2019, Mayor Anne Hidalgo not only failed to prevent the predictable, but her building activities in the vicinity of the Cathedral completely disregarded emergency access to the site. Like a Judy and Punch puppet, Macron appeared on the scene with a jerrycan of gasoline and  immediately reassured the nation that its sacred edifice would not be rebuilt as was.  A hothouse for tomatoes, a glass-clad discotheque, a minaret, even a McDonalds.”We can’t cling to the past,” patronized the Jupiter in Chief as the fire smoldered throughout the night.

Macron’s response is all about rebuilding.  The plans are edgy, involve the same billionaires who donated millions to reconstruction,  and are not subject to public approval, nor France’s laws governing the preservation of national monuments, or UNESCO heritage sites. For unclear reasons, city architects are not allowed to talk about them per Macron’s orders. The man tasked with the reconstruction effort is a military man.  A general appointed to head a purely civilian project, no doubt to inspire confidence in Parisian architects! The architectural omerta, lieutenants here and there, can’t possibly have anything to do with”accidental” fires.

There are two logical possibilities why Lieutenant Plus and President Minus “knew” the fire had been an “accident.” Either the cause was well known, or it wasn’t.

In either case, no one asked them, and their investigation makes sure they never have to. For a Plus and Macron to declare something an “accident,” means determining the nature of the investigation that is to follow. A criminal investigation is not the same as one for negligence, and is not the same as a civil investigation, all three having decisive impact on insurance settlements. 

Nor are investigations the same when carried out by the police, the fire department, or  insurance companies. Le Figaro quickly reported multiple-security failures at Notre Dame, and payouts cannot be made without establishing liability, with or without government participation.

Cigarette butts. Accidents. Negligence. These are UFOs and flat-earth theories. Nothing that Axa, Allianz, Geico or Allstate can work with.

Plus and Minus will have to justify their knee-jerk and sweeping conclusions on the day of April 15th. Either they possessed information establishing it was an accident, or they lied. If they possessed no information they  should have kept their  mouth shut. Their words can be construed as lies intent on misleading authorities and the public about the fire’s cause.

The decision to call the fire an accident was just that. An executive decision, devoid of any justification or fact. As suspected by Lou Dobbs it was political. Deliberate arson was ruled out a priori. The ensuing investigation is not criminal, and  investigators have a limited mandate. People interviewed by them cannot be called  “suspects.” Security guards cannot be interrogated. Staff and appointees in the construction firms cannot have their spouses questioned. There is no clear authority over security camera footage. No clear right to demand logs of entry. The uncertain “investigation” is not covered by any of the world’s media. It is nominally  in the hands of Paris’ chief prosecutor Rémy Heitz.

Heitz’ nomination as Chief Prosecutor was opposed by his peers. They considered him ill-prepared to assume the importance of the office. Macron stood by his man. Something about Heitz was liked by the CRIF who happily relayed a fawning editorial from l’Express. The payback wasn’t long in coming. Before Mediapart could publish its first installment on the Benalla the police were already ransacking its  offices. Heitz ordered the raid. It was unprecedented, aggressive, and dirty.

What is Heitz’ mandate on Notre Dame? How many staff and with what qualifications? Add a mandarin to a lieutenant and a general, mix in “accidents”  and omerta, and the government line on the cause of the  Notre Dame fire gives you: Fake News.

Minutes into the fire, Times columnist Christopher Hale tweeted:

“A Jesuit friend in Paris who works in #Notre Dame told me cathedral staff said the fire was intentionally set.”

Twenty minutes later Hale deleted  his Tweet, and assiduously refused to answer any  questions from curious Twitter users. The media reacted in the usual way. Everyone concerned by the Hale tweet is an Alex Jones flunkie.

No journalist contacted Hale or Time magazine. No one asked them questions. No one excoriated them for being flippant with their sources and their stories. No assuming responsibility, no journalist ownership. Shouldn’t Hale have his press pass revoked? Did a single journalist wonder about the identity of Mr. Hale’s Jesuit friend?A good-old muckraking investigation, interviews with priests, deacons, altar-boys? Washington Post, Le Monde, Guardian, Spiegel, New York Times? No one?

Surely this lack of  media interest couldn’t be an indication that Macron’s “accident” narrative is scripted by PR agencies from beginning to end? A Publicis/Havas storytelling impossible to put in place without the connivance of the world’s leading editorial boards, and one might add, the world’s leading intelligence agencies? Without Trump. Without Putin.Without Putin?

Days after the incident Russian state media chose not to believe the official Parisian line. The pointed out  many inconsistencies, but ended their coverage then and there. Everyone is on the secret, except it seems, those who wetted themselves watching live broadcasts of the conflagration on Fox, CNN, and Periscope, only to blithely return to twiddling the screens of their cell-phones the next day. Oblivious of the burden of critical thinking incumbent upon citizens in democratic countries.

“We have to take back the — the internet is ours, but they’ve taken over the internet and are using it better than we do.”


It is called the NoNotoriety movement and doesn’t seem to have a big following or any government links. Its doctrine was official French policy for fifty years, until Charlie Hebdo and Bataclan came-along. It has historically been French practice to deprive terror groups of media  limelight. The UK followed this policy in the late 80s.  The FBI claims to have adopted this  tactic in 2014. Since Trump has come to power, NoNotoriety is more active and appears to have become America’s  doctrine as well.

Don’t call them masterminds, call them losers and trash, and take away their megaphone for Christ’s sake!

NoNotoriety and DontNameThem may be a mom and pop outfits, but they are bellwethers of a new attitude. Even a debate page exists.

What no one is debating, is what are the means by which terrorists are to be cut off from their messaging. World Powers strenuously avoid defining “terrorism” precisely because one man’s murderer is another man’s freedom fighter. Mandela’s wife. A murderous thug with no right to Twitter? Nelson Mandela,  a terrorist – or full rights to a megaphone?  Who gets to define a “terrorist”? The same Indian temp workers and Colorado part-timers who delete social media accounts based on who the dislike and choose to label  as a  “bot” or a “troll”?

Honest people might agree that ISIS and Al Qaeda shouldn’t be able to brainwash young children on Twitter, but what kind of operation is involved in “cutting off” Islamists from the internet? Who is to do the cutting? The military?Intelligence services?Special anti-terrorist units within public companies, responsible to which civilian or military authority?

What does NoNotoriety mean? Message suppression, or physical annihilation? Black-ops, disinformation, and misattribution (think White Helmets)? Does it involve military strikes, assassination, and torture? Does it rely on accepting lies from the government, a collaboration between “terrorism experts,” intelligence agencies, and the terrorists themselves, via infiltration, control, and manipulation? Is it a 21st century doctrine of the “Cover-Up”?

As Notre Dame burnt, some in Turkey were happy. Pamela Geller made sure we knew this. She picked up on further stories, in which ISIS praised the fire and threatened more. Wait for the next one they said. When both Trump and NATO government pursue the “no notoriety standard”, it is Signals Intelligence  that becomes the go-to agency. It is SIGINT and cyberwarfare divisions within the security establishment (which can include domestics such as the FBI) who end up collaborating with GAFA, and eventually, through oral agreement but also government secrecy laws, the media. Very quickly the policy of “no notoriety” is a legal precedent for not only strict and unremitting censorship, but a unique tool in the arsenal of government propaganda and warmongering. It presumes lies on a grand scale with zero oversight, and the Pamela Gellers become pawns in the high-stakes game. Sometimes measures of government success, sometimes central nodes in the messaging. Imagine the monitoring, and the selective messaging that is included in the “no notoriety” deal once it is doctrine. Imagine the wholesale participation required by civilian, military, and business elites. The conspiracy.The discretion.The control.The promotions dangled to journalists and “terrorism experts”, to editors and celebrities. The discretionary power inherent in the sociology of the whole “No Notoriety” “government Cover-Up” approach.

Before we know it, defining terrorists and terrorism, becomes equivalent to deciding who lives and who dies. Islamists set the Notre Dame a blaze, but as long as their message doesn’t get to Pamela Geller, billions of people don’t have to feel threatened by attacks on their lives. War is waged on an entire Civilization, but people are told to move right along like sheep to the slaughter. Parisians don’t have to fret about their country’s slide into a third world kleptocracy, and demands for greater security, borders, and culture are xenophobic and unfounded.The Yellow Vests are told to take their medicine and check their racist paranoia. Meanwhile the “no notoriety” doctrine becomes the opposite of what it preaches.

Depriving ISIS is a necessity, but it requires oversight. Trump’s wish to “regain control” of the internet inevitably leads to excessive executive concentration of power, not to mention tacit cooperation between security agencies and “terrorists”. When it suits the Establishment, as in the Christchurch massacre terrorist organizations are invented from scratch (White Terrorists) or are entirely ignored (Ukraine’s Neocon funded Neo-Nazis). When, as in Sri Lanka the propaganda of the deed is the message, it cannot be intercepted, and subsequent counter-propaganda from mainstream media undermines citizen trust in governments and increases panic and insecurity.

Being told to shut up about Islam, when literally one’s neighbors are the butchers, is a way to pour salt on the wound of victims. It radicalizes, it nourishes hatred. The government is incapable of monopolizing violence and instead of redoubling its efforts to do so, it picks a fight with those who pay for its failure. A vicious cycle amplifies state failure. Excessive power of the executive becomes powerlessness for the common man. The responsibility lies on conflating messaging, with acting. Confusing freedom of conscience with freedom of the deed.

It is a confusion encouraged by the tribalists of LICRA, CRIF, the ADL, and countless “civil rights” organizations who for the last 50 years have blurred the lines between policing, security, and the emotional well-being of decrepit “minorities” whose feelings are prioritized over lives and livelihood. It is an Africanised interpretation of the Social Contract, which fragments nomocracy into thin-skinned umbrage and gorilla chest-beating, assuring that the supposedly new “no notoriety” becomes a bedrock of totalitarian power, and not a successful counter-terrorism tool.

The Las Vegas shooting was a turning point. Sixty or more victims, selected for their skin color and political beliefs, were shot by a self-hating White man on behalf of ISIS. The terrorist angle was detected but it was censored and pooh-poohed. Celebration were relayed, but the “no notoriety” doctrine pulled “terrorism experts” onto the stage, and the dumbstruck public was told that ISIS were liars and not to be believed. Americans were treated to dubious statistic about ISIS claims and non-claims of this or that terrorist act, and suddenly every Tom Dick and Harry were parroting the Fox News and CNN line on Las Vegas.

That ISIS Paddock-material included screenshots of Paddock only possible from a Skype exchange, was swept under the rug. Ties between FBI and Paddock, the FBI and sting-operations, were suppressed. Paddock’s cousin/relative investigates Islamist finance in Malaysia. One brother is a convicted pedophile.  Their father was an FBI informant.

In every case of “no notoriety” terrorist accomplices are killed or disappear. When Paddock’s loft in Reno was besieged by SWAT teams, suspects died in the ensuing firefight and apartment blaze. No reporting followed. Las Vegas police still faints cluelessness about the shooting, and point their finger at a hapless FBI ferociously stonewalling questions from victims attorneys. The only journalist who dogged authorities about the shooting, disappeared from public view mid-way. Stories about him being a ferocious wife-beater surfaced. When Douglas Poppa reappeared with the Baltimore Examiner, his reporting became notably lower key.Collateral damage of “no notoriety”? Who were the plumbers? Who was promoted, demoted, silenced, fired and hired, in this travesty of government involvement?

A cover-up as significant as the Las Vegas shooting requires cooperation from the FBI, police, intelligence agencies, leading newspaper/TV editors, but also world leaders such as Putin, Macron, Merkel, and Netanyahu. Secret agencies of other countries have to play along, while retaining a vested interest in knowing the underlying truth about the terrorist act. What no one is any longer vested in, is relating any of the facts to the public. It is now up to a president or a prime minister to decide, what truth voters are allowed to know.

“Public” analysts and think tank staff are the foot soldiers of the “No Notoriety” doctrine. They are professional liars and propagandists whose “neutral” status means governments can use them as fronts and publics are enthralled by “objective” analysis and “facts.” The latest elaboration of their trade was perfected in NATO’s collaboration with real world terrorists in the Middle East. The United States, France, and the UK finance and curate the White Helmets whom they credential as an “NGO.” This assures immunity from media scrutiny and more importantly, Assad’s anti-terrorist forces. The White Helmets are intermediaries between NATO and the Syrian jihad. Public “experts” liaison with terrorists through WINEP, whose staff regularly come into contact with Al Qaeda in both Libya and Syria (most notably Michael Weiss, Bellingcat, (Weiss’ twitter)).

Although Pamela Geller is an Israeli shill, her work doesn’t coordinate with WINEP or NATO’s command center in Brussels (it is run through Netanyahu). The “no notoriety” doctrine is fraught with trade-offs, and is difficult to manage. One problem is the required continuity in complicity by allied security services with on-going cover-ups. It can’t be known if Geller’s or Rita Katz’s output on the Notre Dame fire and Las Vegas isn’t deliberately incomplete. Trade-craft requires the protection of sources, and the potential for black-mail is also a welcome by-product, of any cover-up.

Israel has the best communication channels of all of America’s allies with the least oversight from NATO. It can spill the beans on Trump, or Macron when it suits its purpose. The CIA and FBI might downgrade cooperation with Israeli colleagues as a result, but never for long.  The Pamela Gellers and Katzs are re-embedded into “No Notoriety” networks due to the centrality of the information they produce. Their work is accurate, and cannot ever be dismissed out of hand, but because “No Notoriety” cannot easily withstand the scrutiny of a skeptical mind, no one should kid themselves about the simplicity of evaluating their work.

Church after church is burned, vandalized, or desecrated in France and “officials don’t know why.” Men of the cloth, it is claimed, are the “No Notoriety” doctrine’s most fervent proponents. The gender-bending pope promises to make it part of the Catholic cannon. Turning the other cheek is no longer enough. Naming your persecutor is the next extra step required to go to heaven. Lying about the persecutors origins and beliefs will soon replace the Eucharist.

To the Pope’s employees, vandalism is “just an accident” of “no importance”, and a “misunderstanding.” In Orleans, the tag “Allahuou Akbar” [sic] accompanied a fire. In Grenoble, a church was burned to the ground. Weeks before Notre Dame burned, Paris’ Saint-Sulpice that was attacked by arsonists – its priest censured France’s Republican party for speaking up about it!In Nîmes, feces were used to compose a crucifix –

The religious hierarchy prefers to remain prudishly silent.

original: [“La hiérarchie religieuse préfère garder un silence pudique.”]

On Twitter someone reports200 cases of anti-Catholic attacks.Someone is notan archbishop, not a journalist. Just Twitter. Others talk of a whopping 877 in a single year. An observatory exists, but who listens to it? Takes it seriously?

Only Jews get armed patrols, and only Jewish graves matter where Macron is concerned.

Just imagine the headline: “Synagogue after Synagogue is Desecrated in Country X, and Officials don’t know why.”

Busy imagining??

Non-Evangelical Christians are partly to blame. They are unique sheeple among the monotheist fold capable of entertaining the thought that there is downside to self-defense. Their beliefs tamper man’s natural instinct of self-preservation, and as a result they are the guinea pigs of the “No Notoriety” doctrine, and the one’s paying the highest price

“No Notoriety” goes hand in hand with  a need to ignore or downplay social pathology in minority communities and the hard-left. It is an executive reincarnation of political correctness.It exempts Muslims, and those the establishment deem sufficiently a “victim,” from public scrutiny. Catholics are enthusiastic about political correctness. The Papal love-affair with it is legend. Catholic sites rely on private security whose employees are Muslims. Don’t expect anyone to lodge a complaint. Jewish stores and synagogues get a better deal – the French military remains majority Catholic, majority White, especially where officers are concerned. These elite forces are reserved for the Chosen. Priests are reliant on Muslims for their security, and go out of their way to compliment their beards.

Notre Dame was acknowledged  as a high-priority terrorist target.In 2016, a terrorist act planned on Notre Dame premises, was preempted. Security had been increased since then, but not enough to prevented access to the site. Two adolescent   parkour performers had no trouble climbing  the buttresses and spire of the church. They filmed the affair. Encouraged others to do the same.Consequences were never heard of. Neither for security measures, nor for trespassers.

Sometime prior to 2016 the French government commissioned a report on Notre Dame’s vulnerabilities to terrorism and fire. The Italian engineer Paolo Vannucci was bound by a state secrets to keep the report secret and out of the public’s eye, but he mentioned the Cathedral’s vulnerability in subsequent lectures.

The terrorists answered to ISIS’ Rachid Kassim and Oumar Diaw. Inès Madani, Amel Sakaou (a former security guard in a shopping center), Sarah Hervouët, Ornella Gilligmann, and two men were arrested .Accounts about their intentions remain contradictory. The group’s plans changed according to circumstances and opportunities.

On April 12th 2019Madani was sentenced to 8 years of prison by a Parisian court.Three days later Notre Dame was on fire. A recently hired security guard with only three days of experience, misdirected the fire response.


The stories about Le Bras Frères were serious. Notre Dame was their second fire in less than a month. A second fire! Even Yahoo relayed the story. The Sun’s sneered at the company. One chap argues that it and its subsidiary Euro-Échafaudages (Euro-Scaffolding) and a third firm involved in fungus removal in Notre Dame’s attic lit a sophisticated chemical fuse. The beams, were of common beach, not oak as reported, therefore easier to incinerate. An explosion is said to have taken place when the spire collapsed, and some believe a combustive mix was essential.

The story is compelling. Free-masons in cahoots with LVMH and Kering plotted with Macron to prepare the Île de la Cité for a major architectural intervention and real-estate transaction. Le Bras Frères might merit a criminal investigation, but the story is too good to be true for Macron and his lieutenants. It’s an ideal foil for someone who five minutes into an act of arson declares it to be an accident. A convenient scapegoat for the pie-in-the-sky claim that the fire wasn’t “intentionally” set.It has that tell-tale signs of being Fake News scripted by PR agencies in cahoots with Macron – the deliberateness that the government ruled out from the start is essential to suspicions of the company. The deliberate neglect with which General Attorney of Paris – Heitz – is currently operating with.It plays into Macron’s storytelling. It seduces with false sophistication. It relies on the implausible, to discredit the obvious. It is that necessary collateral damage of the “No Notoriety” doctrine. The sink or swim of those not sufficiently integrated into the Establishment to benefit from the protection rackets that politics has become. It’s Macron’s decoy. Trolling to prevent suspicion of the obvious suspects, sacrificing people’s hard work for politicians convenience. Exchanging the security of the voiceless natives, for the feelings of the insecure newly minted citizens-in-name only.

The trouble is, Le Bras Frères was insured by Axa.

Axa is the world’s second or third largest insurer and one of the top asset managers on the planet (more than 2 trillion euros in their portfolio!), and it quickly hired a high-flying PR man to defend its client’s image – Mark Eskenazi. Soon it was established that:

Correction: #NotreDame: the restoration work had not commenced. Only the scaffold was being put in place. No welding or hot points were possible (source is the chief architect of #HistoricalMonuments, Francois Chatillon) 

[original:”Précision #NotreDame : les travaux de restauration proprement dits n’avaient pas encore débuté, seuls les échafaudages étaient en cours de montage. Aucune soudure et pas de point chaud possible, donc (source architecte en chef des #MonumentsHistoriques, François Chatillon).”)]

No work had started on Notre Dame. Scaffolding had only just been put into place. There were no sources of electricity anywhere near the fire. Yes, workers did smoke on the site, but cigarettes can’t light up oak, nor do penetrate the lead tiles which protect it. The former chief architect of Notre Dame, Benjamin Mouton, was adamant that nothing short of a deliberate act (and not mere neglect)could burn oak.

Prior to April 15th, a Google search would yield only one mention of the company’s role in a fire previous to Notre Dame. The incident is insignificant. Firemen had no problems accessing the site. The fire was put out quickly. Le Bras Frères quickly accepted responsibility. The circumstances bear no resemblance to Notre Dame.

Fires on construction sites are common, statistically a real preoccupation for firefighters. Notre Dame’s last restoration was in 1937.

This September, only five months after The Fire, Le Bras Frères received an award for its non-existant work on Notre Dame. That anyone, let alone Le Bras Frères would be recognized for merely putting up scaffolding on what would become a devastated site, is shocking. Is this Eskenazi magic? The “Construction Trophy” happens to be awarded by SMABTP – a construction insurer – and Batiactu, a private actor in the construction field.  

Or are eager authorities buying the favor of a company they implicitly maligned, and whose PR counter-offensive risks hurting the government’s “No Notoriety” line if Eskenazi’s push-back gains too much public attention? Le Bras Frères experienced robust growth in previous years and Burston-Marstellar won’t go down without a fight. For Fake News and Conspiracy mongers, the award is a boon. Knowing Macron’s operating methods, this may be precisely what is being sought.  

Inspired by Trump’s cover-up of Las Vegas, Macron is resurrecting France’s old anti-terrorist media doctrine in an amateurish and bundling manner. Of all plausible causes of the Notre Dame Fire, Islamic terror tops the list.Followed by minority male malevolence, Antifa arson, or the actions of a deranged monk/hermit/defrocked pedophile papist. It requires willful stupidity to ignore the obvious, but even the Yellow Vests express a surprisingly limited interest in the causes of the fire. They seem unconcerned with being led by the nose, more passionate about their taxes than their past. The Jihadi’s didn’t suspect that they were up against a people with no attachment to the religion of their forefathers, deficient in critical thinking and political independence, perfectly attuned to the exigencies of the “No Notoriety” doctrine.

The Notre Dame was burned at the hands of Inès Madani’s friends, and France’s reaction tells us all we need to know how this was even possible. The country of brie and merlot deserves a leader whose lies cater to the whims of a thought-less, feckless, castrated nation on its way into the garbage heap of history. 

[in retrospect it is likely that Macron’s insistence on the possibility of rebuilding the Notre Dame’s roof in a non-traditional way, was a head fake. It deliberately channeled popular apprehension away from the causes of the incineration.]

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