Murdering Dolphins. Kidnapping Children. Japan Inc.

It behooves those living in the West to take a more critical approach to the land of the rising son. Assange’s incarceration in Belmarsh, excessive and unwarranted in no way detracts from Japan’s systemic abuse of inmates. Prolonged, deliberate, systematic solitary confinement is torture, pure and simple. It is torture of Assange, it was torture for Ghosn.

The Japanese do kill dolphin for sport (not for the faint-hearted), or use the Peruvians and Chileans when they want their porpoise on a plate. They murder whales, and won’t be stopping anytime soon.  They empty the world’s oceans (yes Chinese and Vietnamese also “catch” a lot, but export more), accounting for 10% of the world’s consumption of fishfood. Importing $11 billion annually (ahead of China, behind only the USA), on top of a fishing industry of 14% of the world’s catch, according to official (cooked) figures. (China now also contributes to dolphin murders via its ferocious consumption of shark-fins. )

The Japs act with impunity. Sure, everyone used to kill whales and dolphins. The British depopulated their shoals in the Antarctic seas. The Samoans, the Eastern Islanders made sausages of them. Only the Japanese persist on the infallibility of such practice.  Japanese stomachs are worth more, than the endangered life of the world’s largest mammal.

In the 19th century, foreigners were regularly assassinated in Japan. In the 20th, they are regularly sent into solitary confinement.

The Japanese don’t apologize for their war-crimes, genocides, pillage and rape. They steal intellectual property, and break copyrights with impunity. Half of Japan’s cultural icons are stolen from someone. Its industry is based on IT theft, while its mafia-like corporations rob small companies blind. There is a reason entrepreneurs never flocked to “developed” Japan to finance, pilot, or take off their ideas. It’s a country where “bullies” or rather thugs, rule. It’s not a rule placed country, it’s a place where status, and might, make right. Japan, in layman’s terms, simply sucks.

Japan’s Fukushima makes Chernobyl look like the paragon of nuclear meltdown response, with brave Soviet soldiers saving civilians, while the nips fiddled with remote-control robots as the notorious yakuza hires, like all thugs, abandoned ship faster than the indigenous rodents.

Mighty Canada, its Vancouver covered in radiation, can’t utter a peep, potentially issuing what may amount to lies about radiation levels. It exposes Japan-tech as inferior to Soviet nuclear.

Who went to prison for Fukushima’s nuclear disaster even after inquiries established the responsibility of powerful executives and mobsters? Who did time for fraud in Olympus, Takata (deaths) airbagsToshiba, Kobe Steel? For 20 years it’s been known that Japan is corrupt, and not one Japanese executive has ever gone to prison for it.

Kelly and Ghosn went to prison, but Saikawa, their Japanese peer, got a slap on the wrist! As Ghosn says, one form of justice for the Japanese, another for foreigners.

Far be it only Carlos Ghosn who decries Japan’s hostage system. Human Rights Watch’s Call to Eliminate Japan’s “Hostage Justice” System was signed by 1,010 professionals essentially agreeing with Ghosn.

Critics in Japan might call this a “Medieval standard of decorum” but it’s actually a form of racism and lingering proof of Japan’s backwardness.

“Rights groups tell Japan to fully tape interrogations of criminal suspects,””

Marry a Japanese national? Have children? If he or she decides to kidnap them, good luck. If you try to come and recover your abducted child, you will be put in a solitary confinement. It’s what happened to Australian Scott McIntyre.  His ordeal received minor attention in his native Australia. Broken in spirit. Broken at heart. Just as with whales and dolphins, NATO, London, New York, Canberra, completely powerless over their wonderful Japanese allies. “Though Japan is a signatory to The Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction, it is notorious for noncompliance.””

“…in Japan…thousands of children are being held kidnapped and in hiding by unscrupulous criminals – supported by the Japanese government.” (Tenton)

Japan reject the UN treaty on the rights of children, and the jail reserved for meddling foreign parents is high-security, involves solitary confinement, with Guantanamo style sleep-disruption. Yes, Japan treats foreign parents of Japanese national kidnap victims, the way England and the US treat Islamic terrorists and Julian Assange.

Carlo’s Ghosn treatment is no mere “stain” on “liberal” Japan. Japan is not, nor ever has been, anything even remotely liberal, and its treatment of kidnapped children resembles only one country, another of America’s buxom buddies – Saudi Arabia.

 In 2018 U.S. labeled Japan as non-compliant with the Hague Convection which applies this treaty. Italy and Germany issued travel warnings for Japan. The French Senate approved a motion critical of Japan. 150,000 children per year in Japan lose contract with a parent. Two Twitter feeds specialize in exposing the dark side of Japan. Omotenasi and Henrik Teton, both victims of kidnapping from Japanese nationals . 

“The Japanese Minister of Justice claims that the Japanese judicial system is operated fairly to achieve justice. Facts speak much louder – the Japanese government is supporting international crime.” (Henrik)

Japan ignores Interpol warrants for child kidnappers, makes no effort to contact, let alone apprehend them.

Carlos Ghosn may have received death-threats in Lebanon. A country teetering on the brink of collapse, and boasting a robust private market in assassinations make him an easy target, but Japan’s role in ordering such a hit, wouldn’t be any different from its generalized Shinto-Buddist disregard for human life and dignity.

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