Ghosn, a Semitic Assange

If Assange deserves the support of reasonable people,  revolted by solitary confinement as a form of torture and house arrest as violations of civil rights, so does Carlos Ghosn. Pointing out Ghosn’s “privilege” and wealth, is inane.  Those who wish to belittle or justify Ghosn’s ordeal are moral Lilliputians not worth the earth they tread upon, let alone civil discussion. This includes a vast majority of the French, whose pea-sized hearts attest to their transformation from paragons of civilization to epitomes of post-human flotsam.  

An immigrant. Son of immigrants. Half-white. Multi-cultural. Post-modern. A Semite to boot…but alas, not a Jew.

Had Ghosn been a Jewish Semite, what would Israel and the Diaspora have done on his behalf, and how would the world’s anti-Semites reacted to his arrest? To his flight?

Imagine a world in which it’s one law for all nations, and not one law for me, and one law for thee.

Israel’s chief rabbi is concerned with the rightful arrest in Russia of an Israeli drug mule. Half of Israel is up in arms about her case, and is dragging America with it. An ordinary skunk party-reveler transformed into a Cinderella of political repression, because she is Jewish.

When Russia offered Naama in exchange for Israel’s release of a Russian hacker, it got the middle finger and Israel promptly shipped the Russian national off to a high security prison in America.

What would happen if Ghosn was Jewish and privy to the ethnic solidarity stipulated by the Torah, or inherent to the instinctive bonds of Jewishness.

No, not just a Semite,  genetically indistinct from Israelis.  Not a Lebanese Christian whose ancestors have resided in Biblical lands for millennia without interruption.  Not a mere Maronite, whose relatives bled on behalf of Zionists fighting Hezbollah and Arab terror getting squat in exchange.

Imagine if Ghosn was a real Jew.

As already mentioned in the Macron-Alstom-Rothschild the Jewish “get out of jail” card is called pidyon shvuyim. It roughly translates as “helping the captives.”

The world was awed when Anne Sinclair pulled Dominique Strauss Kahn from out of the jaws of America’s monstrous justice system in 2011, and by the support she received in France and the global media who covered Kahn’s case 24/7 for weeks. Mrs. Sinclair doesn’t speak a world of Hebrew, has never read the Torah, but leaders of the world’s Jewish community felt for her, her ordeal, her husband, because Kahn always had Israel in his heart. He may not have raped a swarthy maid in New York, but he was a candidate for the French presidency, and when English language media claim he wasn’t a pimp, they are knowingly lying. The lies come easy to a family affair in which the reflex is to burn one’s dirty laundry, let alone admit its existence. That’s pidyon shvuyim. Not words that Jews utter before defending rapists, pedophiles, and human traffickers, but an ingrained reflex justified by millennia of perceived and actual persecution.

Innate or religious, Jewish commonality assumes that a Jew Accused is a Jew To Be Rescued.  Gentile judges or lawyers are assumed to be anti-Semites carting portable gas chambers wherever they go. Jewish criminals are tsadiks, fallen pray to the Yetzer hara, their Jewishness a form of holiness. 

Hence the official Jewish efforts to defend Alan Gross, who used his Jewishness and Judaism as cover to spy in Cuba.  Described as “Innocent” by the Jerusalem Post and Haaretz, “Anti-Semitic Cuba” growled the ADL. 

The spy, and he did worst than spy, now enjoys sunny life in Tel Aviv, courtesy New York Rabbis and Hillary Clinton’s appeal to Jewish American organizations and support from the State Department’s anti-Semitism emissary Hannah Rosenthal. Upon his release, Gross was feted as a Jewish Samson, embodying with his liberty the light of the Hannukiah – his wife’s lawsuit against his employers a Jewish cherry on the gentile cake.

Just imagine if Ghosn had been Jewish.

According to media reports, he was led into the courtroom handcuffed, with a rope around his belly like an animal. On January 22 he was denied bail, despite offering to stay in Japan and to wear a tagging device so that he could be tracked.

…interrogations that last up to eight hours a day, seven days a week, where the same questions will be asked dozens of times, without a lawyer present? Why arrest the “suspect” on the same charges related to different years or new charges raised just in time to prevent bail?

…Some will argue — and this might include the French government which has not protested even though Mr. Ghosn is a French citizen — that this is normal in Japan. But Mr. Ghosn’s prosecution is not: it is highly discriminatory.

Ghosn’s story is a tragedy. His arrest and treatment in Japan is pathetic. His wife was treated like a criminal herself, not allowed to shower without supervision.

The global media likes to portray Macron as a tough guy. He claims to talk down to Putin (so tough so tough), to MBS to Trump (so tough on Trump so tough), but when it comes to reality, and not the make-believe world of Spin, Macron doesn’t walk the talk, and shits his pants. He’s never taken Abe to task over Ghosn, except in PR fantasy land with “fake” headlines saying one thing, and content another.

Macron has said literally nothing to Abe about Ghosn’s conditions. There was minor outrage in select French circles, but it hasn’t caught on in the population, outrage with Macron’s inaction and silence. With the failure to defend one of France’s greats business geniuses.

Oh if only Ghosn had been born a Patrick Kron, an Alain Finkelkraut. A Christian Semite isn’t worth the trouble. France’s hokum about republicanism, assimilation, immigrant integration, blah blah blah. A country full of itself, full of hot air. Here was a unique chance for France to show just how much it cares for its immigrants of non-European origin. How much it is willing to protect each and everyone of those proudly sporting the citizenship of the homeland of Liberty, Equality, and Solidarity.

Ghosn has been a remarkably loyal patriot of France. Taking his time with unions. Working with staff. Preserving French prowess, and improving its technology. His reward?

A big middle finger from Macron, and the same people who put Pierucci behind bars, while enjoying a minyan and millions of dollars in bonuses, bear part of the blame for his imprisonment.

One would think that the Jewish obligation of helping captives would especially apply to Ghosn. That Macron’s people would be lobbying night and day for his release, and for justice. Instead its cheesy documentaries vilifying Ghosn. “He earned too much money!” although he earned at most half of what Maurice Levy made running a company a fraction of the size and importance of Ghosn’s Renault-Nissan- Mitsubishi alliance.

Ghosn was born brilliant, but not Jewish. He has no community but a decrepit Lebanon lobbying for him. Certainly not France, whose second rate car maker he brought to international fame and stardom.

Making pennies compared to executives in America, the Japanese roped Ghosn about like a goat in front of journalists and judges, confined him to a solitary cell, on charges they fabricated in collusion with American firms and French ministers.

There were no campaigns, by Bar Rafaeli, Dr. Ruth, the Crown‘s Vanessa Kirby.  No outrage. Not a single march, like those ordered by Macron, when his sworn ideological enemy, Alain Finkelkraut  got called a dirty Zionist by a French Arab, and the Élysée went into overdrive slandering all Yellow Vests as anti-Semites. The nation marched against Kristallnacht, but it wasn’t about to march for its own Assange.

A French executive rotted in a Japanese jail, interrogated for hours, his wife harassed, threatened by the “civilized” manga-faces,  and The Twink in Chief couldn’t be bothered. The SEC barged in to shake Ghosn down, and not a peep from the poster-boy of Davos.

As with Alstom, in the case Renault Macron bears singular blame for the chain of events by which Ghosn ended up in prison. Both by initiating the unwarranted government buy-in of Renault shares, and the resulting wrecking of Renault’s power over Nissan.

It may even have been Macron who gave the green light for Ghosn’ arrest. It is certain that without Macron, Ghosn wouldn’t have spent a day in jail.

That Ghosn was abandoned by the French state is beyond doubt. A petition introduced by Christian Jacob and colleagues in the UMP, demanding Ghosn be transferred to France where he could get a proper trial, Macron’s Bruno Le Maire who staunchly refused, and publicly criticized the very suggestion. 

French labor unions can talk crap about Ghosn, but they will regret his departure. Arrogant and unrealistic about the costs of getting a world class manager to run their rusty plants, when Renault’s factories are closed, their “organized barganing power” will become obsolete.

Ghosn salaries amounted to pennies, theirs, once they are given the pink slip will be paid by taxpayers from dividends Ghosn paid into the French Treasury through state ownership of Renault shares, as well as taxes paid on these dividends which far outweigh any cumulative gains Ghosn made. personally.

Since his arrest, Renault is faltering. It’s getting screwed by the Japanese who will first push it out of Nissan, and then offer to buy what’s left of it at outlet rates. Since his arrest Nissan shares are down 30%. Mitsubishi shares, which had reached nearly $8 per share when Ghosn took over, are back down to $4.3. Renault shares are at $43 from a peak of $98 since Ghosn’s arrest.

From the New York Times:

… interrogations without lawyers, harsh prison conditions, no family visits and a virulent media campaign. That is without even considering the nature of the charges, which look inflated and discriminatory.

…the numerous misdeeds and frauds committed in recent years in Japanese companies, some with deadly consequences (the Takata airbag scandal) or billions of dollars evaporated (Toshiba), none of the miscreants has been the subject of such attention by the prosecutors.””

Within minutes, more than a dozen people had swarmed into their Tokyo apartment. They took Mrs. Ghosn’s phones, her passport, her diary and the letters she had written to her husband while he was in jail. A woman from the prosecutors’ office followed Mrs. Ghosn into the bathroom. When she stepped out of the shower, the woman handed her a towel. They also handed Mrs. Ghosn papers and told her to sign them, she said. The papers were in Japanese, a language she can’t read.“They didn’t push me around, but they wanted to humiliate me and my husband,” Mrs. Ghosn said in an interview on Thursday, hours after her husband, once one of the auto industry’s most powerful leaders, was arrested a fourth time.

When the paperwork was presented to her, she added, she said she needed it translated and asked to speak with a lawyer. “I said, ‘You have no right,’ and they said, ‘This is Japan.’”

Like Assange, Carlos Ghosn is a victim of a fascist state, but also of fascist identity politics, and fascist social stigma. “Fascist” not because they originate from the “right,” or the “left,” but because Fascism is the synthesis of left and right, dedicated to power, rather than reason, due process, or commonality. Fascism is when when the part is more important than the whole. Fascism, whether from the hard left or the purportedly “moderate” middling classes, is all about placing communication above honesty.

Ghosn is a real life captain and hero of industry, a self-made immigrant who assimilated into every culture into which he was welcome. He was clear, honest, even in his gripes about his pay. Ghosn’s abandonment by state, media, and whole populations exposes the hard-core brutality at the heart of the modern system, in which the very concept of due course of the law, has evaporated from the minds of statesmen, and their opinionated flocks.

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