Zemmour – Covid Savior or Candidate of Failure?

Zemmour wants to save France. Save it from a demographic transformation to which he attributes inevitable national decline, if not an outright genocide of France's native population, and its inevitable geographic incorporation into a 21st century Barbary Caliphate. Zemmour is fighting for a people, his people, and he is fighting for their right to exist, … Continue reading Zemmour – Covid Savior or Candidate of Failure?

America’s Incel Prophets

The Unz Review has replaced the Nitwit Times as America’s Newspaper of Record. As the thinking man’s publication. Where the intellectually curious come to consume the outpourings of the audacious and eloquent about issues that matter the most and are most twisted by the mainstream gatekeepers. Its eponymous founder appears a passionate archivist, collecting and … Continue reading America’s Incel Prophets

It is White Privilege to Deny the Black Menace

White privilege exists. It is extreme. It is gratuitous. It is unlike any previously known forms of privilege this tiny planet of 200 million square miles (1/2 billion km sq) has ever seen, and it is a unique and uniquely oppressive privilege. It merits all the destruction the motley youpla of the anti-lock-down 2020 burning-man … Continue reading It is White Privilege to Deny the Black Menace